Kyochon Is Definitely Not Opening Anytime Soon

Somebody commented earlier in the week that they had heard a rumor that the new Koreatown location of Kyochon (on 32nd & 5th) was open (this despite Grub Street’s report that they weren’t opening until June.)  The comment piqued my interest enough to call the location, and I ended up having a pretty strange conversation with the guy who answered.

Me: “Are you guys open yet”
Him: “We will open April…” and then he was cut off by somebody speaking in Korean in the background. He came back and said: “July”
Me: “So, you are opening in July?”
Him: “August”

Me: “August!?!”
Him: “Sorry, do you not understand me.”
Me: “You’re not opening until August.”
Him: “Yes”

There was definitely a language barrier, but I don’t think that had anything to do with how weird the answers were. Of course after seeing a shot of the interior, August seems pretty realistic.


Kyochon Finally Bringing Korean Fried Chicken to Midtown for Lunch!


  • You have 3 months to think of a comment for them to mangle and put on the wall.

  • This place sounds cool…i mean…stupid.

  • I’m not understanding what’s taking so long. Aren’t they losing money the longer they’re not open?

  • What the hell used to be there that it is entirely filled with garbage

  • I think it was Brooklyn Bagel….

  • @Blondie – Kyochon definitely is losing money the longer they wait, but construction takes time and then you have all the city inspections (health, fire, etc.) to pass

  • Sounds like a funding issue. That old chestnut.

  • There’s pretty substantial number of Kyochon’s in Korea. Last time I went to one in Seoul, it was packed, so I doubt it’s a funding issue.

    Probably just poor project / construction management.

  • @win: Not buying it. Zen Burger closed mid-Dec, and they’re on track for a May opening. It should not take 9 months to transform a Brooklyn Burger to a Kyochon.

  • Brooklyn Bagel had a really weird set up and I’m sure their kitchen didn’t have to be hefty enough to handle deep frying chicken wings all day. I’m not surprised they had to gut Brooklyn Bagel, but it doesn’t look like they did anything all summer. It’s possible that whoever bought this particular franchise location didn’t have the adequate funds to go ahead with the construction.

  • Sorry — i think the speculator was me! i heard bad intel from a friend who thought she saw lights on inside, which to her, indicated an imminent opening. :( much to my chagrin, i walked by the next day and saw the same image you saw. i guess i’ll have to keep drooling til June!!

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    argh. any updates on the kyochon front? i have been patiently salivating! haha..

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