Free KFC Alert (Or Will Riese Screw us Again?)

So by now you may or may not have heard about KFC’s new “Grilled Chicken” (being hawked by B list Food Network celebs.) Knowing that few would probably pay to try this stuff, KFC is giving away free grilled chicken this Monday, April 27th (one piece person) at all participating locations. Sadly though, all the KFC’s in Midtown are owned and operated by Riese, which has a pretty bad track record of participation in these things.

Thankfully though it is looking promising.  I called the location on Broadway btw. 33+34th yesterday and the person who answered said they were participating. (One piece per person, and it will probably be a leg or thigh.) Now on to the matter of the chicken itself… I’ll always take free food- but I’m not so sure of this whole grilled chicken thing. I love KFC’s fried chicken (actually, I love *all* fried chicken) but grilled chicken? Best case scenario: it’s delicious, real grilled chicken- I’m thinking Pollo Tropical. But I grew up in Miami. I’ve had Pollo Tropical. And from the look of that photo above… this is no Pollo Tropical. Those grill marks look painted on, and whether you love or hate the Pollo Tropical, at least you see the chickens cooking on the grill behind the counter.

Anybody tried this stuff yet?  Is it worth fighting the crowds for free chicken on Monday?

KFC (Multiple Locations in Midtown)

  • 50th & 7th
  • Broadway btw. 33+34th
  • Penn Station
  • 42nd btw. Mad+Park


  • Haven’t tried it (nor will I), but I can tell you it ain’t worth it.

  • We need to send over an independent black person to try it


  • MTL becoming racist? say it aint so.

  • Its actually pretty good. Surprisingly good even.

  • Last night I decided to give this science project called grilled chicken a chance. It’s not bad, it tastes like it was actually grilled. I know it’s not actually grilled, I have no idea how it’s cooked, but it seems grilled.

  • Article about KFC grilled chicken and grilling process

    Eaton said the difference this time is partly in the cooking process. Chicken is cooked on grill racks in custom-designed ovens in a patented process that takes about 20 minutes per batch.

  • I am going to try this. How can they cook every piece at 20 minutes total and not under cook the breasts? I wonder how much the franchisees have had to shell out for the new equipment.

  • Mmm.. fried chicken. And I don’t know if it’s just the KFC’s I go to, or all KFC’s everywhere. But yo, they have some of the sloooooooowest service ever.

  • @dubbin, I will try this also but I expect to be disappointed, to me nothing will ever beat out fried original recipe.

    My guess, totally conjecture here by a fat person who probably knows too much about KFC than is healthy, is they probably grill the chicken under pressure to cook it faster and not undercook bigger pieces.

    The KFC friers, I think, use some sort of pressurized cooking deep frying system also to quickly and evenly the fried stuff.

  • I actually went to KFC the other day(14th @ 2nd) and they gave me a free piece of this. It was pretty good and I’d probably order it from now on for my once every 3 month KFC visit.

  • Why were 6 of the secret herbs/spices left off the grilled version?

  • I tried it and have to say it was juice, the skin was crispy, and it tasted really salty (which I think is a good thing) I will be eating this every so often. And for free just try the thing.

  • Personally, the sickening video of dozens of rats frolicking about at the KFC in the Village should make any sane person reluctant to eat ANYTHING served in these restaurants.

  • If there’s anyone who knows about rats cavorting about, it’s DocChuck at his trailer park in Arkansas

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