Margon Makes it Onto Roadfood & NFT

Check it out… Margon (the amazing Cuban/Dominican lunch counter on 46th btw. 6+7th) is Roadfood’s “Restaurant of the Day”.  I’ve never fully understood Roadfood and its criteria- after all, who is going to pull off the freeway to eat at a place in Times Square?  But it’s cool to see Margon getting some love from such a popular site.

They’ve also been recently added to the Not For Tourist Guide, and I’m kind of into their one line description.

Nice.  We do like it.  (Margon… and the description.)

Margon & Sophie’s Make NYT Best Cuban Food List
Original Margon Review (11/15/06)


  • Really Zach? You’ve never driven an hour (or more) out of the way for good, cheap, epic food?

    I find this information hard to believe.

    I consult Road Food pretty much every time I leave the city, and highly recommend it (based on my glorious, artery-killing results). Glad to see Margon getting its due.

  • Roadfood is a kindred spirit for rural finds, it’s kinda like the Midtown Lunch of the sticks. I also consult it every time I ride out of town into the wild blue yonder

  • I only visit to see how gargantuan his wife has got.

    She’s like Jason Perlow with sticks.

  • @Chip Beef – For sure I have… and like Wayne, I use it all the time when I’m on a road trip- looking for great food off the freeways in random cities.

    I just meant, I never understood why they write about places in Manhattan (like Margon or Katz’s). Nobody is pulling off the freeway for Margon…. that’s all I meant. :-)

  • Actually, the online Edition of Roadfood has become far less picky about new entries. Not only are most of the newer entries not being written by the Sterns or one of their team members, they actually allow entries to be posted that are not recommended, ie reviews that are mediocre, even poor. It used to be that only editor (ie Sterns or a team member) reviews were posted, and then only if the food was at least better than average. Now much of their content is of poor to mediocre food, and anyone can submit them, including the owners themselves……see for an example, neonjohn is the owner…..and any restaurant with a posted official review can be randomly selected by the website algorithm as the Restaraunt of the Day.

  • Cheers fred…i dunno how i slept.

  • One other thing about Roadfood – the ‘road’ part is also now taken a lot more liberally, ie it’s more about where to eat when travelling, ie you’re “on the road”. Margon isn’t a place YOU or most MTL readers have to travel far to get to, but it is for 99.99999999% (and I probably need a few more digits on there) of the world’s population.

    Said another way, Mr Stern is in essence recommending that if a traveler not from NYC finds themself in need of lunch while in Midtown Manhattan, they’d do well to go to Margon

  • “I’ve never fully understood Roadfood and its criteria”

    And you never will, Zach.

    There’s no rational explanation for what goes on in the minds of Michael Stern and his turgid fortuneteller wife.

    And I say this as a clinical psychologist.

  • What no one will ever understand is why DocChuck keeps coming here to share his hatred of NYC specifically and dining out (other than at Craplebees) in general.

  • My dearest Fred:

    Are you the spawn of Michael and Jane or merely their publicist?

    I’d eat that delicious looking octopus salad in a heartbeat, should that excite you.

  • The only thing that excites me is the absolute certainty that you will someday be dead and we will no longer have to read your pathetic inbred blather. The fact that you may be incarcerated for life well prior to that is even more exciting

  • My dearest, fondest Fred:

    Sorry to report that my personal physician, as well as my wife (a medical doctor herself) have told me that I am in near-perfect health.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Chuck, PhD

  • They tell you that so that you won’t do anything to alter your course, and to thereby hasten your demise. Good for them….TingTong will inherit your singlewide and your doctor will never have to put up with you again

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