Rickshaw Dumpling Truck Has an Ivy League Pedigree

Not only is Kenny Lao, the co-owner of the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck, a Brown Grad (class of ’98, who knew!?!), he’ll be giving a lecture entitled “Dumplings to Dollars” as part of a series of events organized by the Brown University Club. It might only be open to NYU, Yale & Brown alumni (I’m not really sure), though judging by how incredibly intelligent Midtown Lunch’ers seem, I’m making the assumption that a lot of you went to those three schools. (Either that, or you’re smart enough to finagle your way in.)

The truck is parked next to the Treats Truck on 45th and 6th today.


  • We’re also smart enough to not waste $6 on 6 tiny dumplings.

  • Yale & Brown are wonderful special needs schools.

  • NYU is not in the Ivy League. But ’tis a fine school.

  • $35?!? i don’t even see dinner being mentioned as included.

  • That’s four years and $200,000 to learn how to run a Chinese restaurant or a dumpling bar as the case may be. But I do give any successful entrepreneur credit it’s the American way

  • Rickshaw dumplings and NYU tuition both rank pretty high on my overpriced list.

  • I don’t want to hear how a dumpling business should be run by anybody whose name isn’t Vanessa Duan.

  • If he was a true entrepreneur he would have started the truck idea. Too bad he had to copy the treats truck since his dumpling bar sucks! You don’t see David Chang running out to sell his food on a truck.

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