Ask ML: Where Can You Get Good Nachos?

Got this question from Lee, the guy behind NachosNY, a blog dedicated to finding… well… the best nachos in New York. Right now the only Midtown entry on his site is Tequilaville (on Vanderbilt btw. 42+43rd), but it would appear as if he’s looking for more.  “I’ve been scouring your Mexican food posts for great places to get nachos and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for me? We’re trying to really hit a lot more places in the next month. Let me know if you have any suggestions.”

I know Mamacita (our Happy Hour Correspondent) has tried the nachos at The Australian, and Lunch’er Liz loves the “BBQ Nachos” from Virgil’s… but beyond that, I’m not sure.  Anybody got a recommendation?  Put it in the comments.


  • And their t-shirt design totally rips off the Slice t shirt design. Cheesy, and not in a good nacho cheesy kind of way.

  • I enjoyed the nachos they have at The Volstead.

  • Vintage, a bar on 9th Avenue between 50th & 51st, has yummy piled-on nachos.

    Lime Jungle has awful nachos, it is like one tostada split into fourths.

  • I agree that the nachos at the Australian are really good for some reason

  • Mamacita: Tomorrow (post GREs… ugh) I’m heading to this spot in Lefferts Gardens that has been reported to have amazing Nachos. I’ll report back on the presence of the things you are missing. If there is pork chile verde I’m sure I won’t need to twist my roommate’s arm to get her to order that.

  • OOoo! Yes, Sarah please do!
    I’ll be down with any good homemade tortilla chips and excellent refried beans and salsa. Despite my carnivorous ways, I can devour a good veggie nacho or bean burrito and love it.

  • I’m sorry, but I’ve never heard of this Slice t-shirt.

  • might be a bit out of bounds but RUB bbq has frito pie. its sort of like nachos.

  • Wow so bad grammar on a nacho blog, tragic. It’s a shame you take you junk food blogs so seriously. I think the site is cute. It’s sad really that people feel the need to personally attack fellow bloggers. I give mad props to anyone keeping up with their blogs. Anyway, I really thought it is a fun thing to check every so often. The nacho crawls sound pretty badass. Too bad I moved out of the city otherwise I would totally hit that up!

  • I’d like to 2nd the nacho’s at Waterfront though perhaps out of bounds for midtown lunchers.

  • I swear by Fresco Tortilla, which seems to have a few locations in midtown. They deliver til 11pm, and their super cheap ($5) nachos with beans, chicken or steak or chili, guac and sour cream are crunchier, saltier, and pack more flavor than anything else I’ve ever experienced.

  • Chicken nachos at Tulcingo de Valle. Not a huge plate but priceless. Cannot express enough how good they are.

    If you want nachos that are a plate of bagged chips covered in cheap cheese and bland ingredients (which is sometimes what you’re looking for) then don’t go to Tulcingo.

  • NachosNy is a cool site and yesterday I went along on the ride with them for their Nacho Crawl thru Williamsburg.

    Great food, cool people, nice sights, and it was super cheap and tasty.

    Viva la Nachos

  • Digger, does Tulcingo fry their own tortillas for chips?

    Sarah, how were the nachos in lefferts?

  • My yelp page has a “Tex Mex in NYC” list and a “Mexican on 9th” list that mention several nachos-oriented places.

    Also, if you’re ever at Dempsey’s (on 2nd Ave near 4th Street), I highly recommend their nachos.

  • “does Tulcingo fry their own tortillas for chips?”

    Yes. That place is amazing. Go with somebody so you can order a few things. I think torta carnitas is best sandwich in midtown. Price was recently raised and it is still not more than $6.

  • so after all the nacho talk, i found myself craving good nachos. i took caryn’s suggestion and tried the wharf nachos. they were actually really good and near perfection for good “bar nachos!” as promised, real cheese, chili, jalopenos, shredded lettuce, black olives, tomatoes plus sour cream, salsa and guac on the side! and all for $7.95. i was impressed. some of the other food i saw around me looked pretty tasty for a crappy murray hill bar. anyone ever tried their lobster roll? i see they have one for $16.95…i’m intrigued.
    oh, and if you’re a waffle fry lover, they have them!

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