Ask ML: Where Can You Get Good Nachos?

Got this question from Lee, the guy behind NachosNY, a blog dedicated to finding… well… the best nachos in New York. Right now the only Midtown entry on his site is Tequilaville (on Vanderbilt btw. 42+43rd), but it would appear as if he’s looking for more.  “I’ve been scouring your Mexican food posts for great places to get nachos and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for me? We’re trying to really hit a lot more places in the next month. Let me know if you have any suggestions.”

I know Mamacita (our Happy Hour Correspondent) has tried the nachos at The Australian, and Lunch’er Liz loves the “BBQ Nachos” from Virgil’s… but beyond that, I’m not sure.  Anybody got a recommendation?  Put it in the comments.


  • EL paso taqueria on 104th and Lexington. not in midtown but excellent nachos.

  • Mi Nidito? 52nd and 8th. . .

  • i dont care what anybody says…Fridays nachos r the SHIZ!

  • I second El paso on 104 and lex that place has AMAZING tacos

  • Wow. I look forward to this El Paso, I’ll have to make a trip up there next week. Also to Mi Nidito!

  • Rio Grande? 38th/3rd

  • Public House on 41st btw 3rd and Lex has the best nachos I’ve had in Midtown. Highly recommended. Tequilavilla is cheap but sucks.

  • More importantly, where can you get good totchos?

  • had some amazing nachos at waterfront ale house last night (30th and 2nd Ave). everything there is good.

  • Tacochina 48th and 9th..

  • I’ve had pretty good Mexican food (for NYC) from Mi Nidito but can’t vouch for the nacho

  • I third El Paso Taqueria on 104 & Lex – it’s the best!

  • I’m sorry, but shouldn’t NACHOSNY be telling US where to get good nachos instead of asking for their whereabouts? Serious credibility damage.

  • Hands down, it’s the Wharf. $8 for amazing nachos – huge portion, lots of chili (vegetarian chili is also great), real melted cheese (none of that goopy cheez whiz stuff), jalepanos, olives, tomatoes, lettuce with sour cream, guac and salsa on the side. They are amazing and a great value. Pair that with a $3.50 draft pint of the day and you are good to go.

  • Say what you will, but Qdoba’s Nachos are not half bad.

  • Not in midtown, but Becky’s pub on 1st Ave and 65th(?) has AWESOME chicken nachos.

  • My favorite nachos, which I haven’t found in NY yet, are real fried tortilla chips, topped with cheese, refried beans (pinto) , pork chile verde, pickled jalapenos, salsa, guac and sour cream. Pure heaven.

  • I think that, as a blog called NachosNY, this blogger should be out there finding out every and any place that serves nachos and report about them. Taking suggestions is a good thing, but it should still be up to the blogger to search out for them imho.

  • I checked out NachosNY, hoping for a blog as interesting as it sounds. What I found was a poorly-organized site, with lame-looking people, lame write-ups, poor grammar, and not much to recommend it as a repeat visit, much less a bookmark. Want to find out where to find great nachos in NYC? Don’t bother trying to wade thru that site. This comment section probably will outdo that entire site by the end of the day.

  • When you’re in midtown and you want nachos, check out El Rey Del Sabor. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.

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