Ed Levine Doesn’t Like Schnipper’s Mac & Cheese

Another review of Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen focuses on (what everybody agrees are) their mediocre burgers, but surprisingly Serious Eats’ Ed Levine had nicer things to say about them than the Mac & Cheese: “The mac and cheese ($6.99) was pretty standard and wholly unremarkable. The cheeses didn’t stand out and the bread crumbs couldn’t overcome the fact that the unbaked mac and cheese had no significant amount of crunch.” I agree that baked mac and cheese is preferable to unbaked, but sadly this “unremarkable” product is one the only decent versions in Midtown, for a reasonable lunchtime price.  (And I’d take unbaked mac & cheese over a burger they refuse to cook medium rare any day of the week.) [Serious Eats: New York]

Schnipper’s May Have the Best Mac & Cheese in Midtown


  • ummm… excuse me Zach. The day before Fat Ed posted his review, a comment on a little site called “Midtown Lunch” said the same exact thing. I know this …BECAUSE I WROTE IT DAMMIT!

    And not even a shout-out… the shame…

    Comment from wayne
    Time: April 13, 2009, 2:47 pm

    OK, I finally tried this place. Chicken Club was fresh & well constructed with above average ingredients. Onion rings were top-shelf. The mac & cheese… well, I must think differently than y’all. I thought it blew. Basically, it was mac swimming in cheese soup. The thimbleful of bread crumbs was alright though. But give me the custardy and/or moist & crumbly Supermac or Soul Fixings m&c any day over the Schnipper slop. Would go back to try some of the other sandwiches though, and a shake which sure looked good. Also, the place is spotless & the staff are nice & on the ball. Overall I’d say it is worth the somewhat high price all around.

  • *sigh* Wayne… I guess i could respond in a couple different ways:

    Self Deprecating: “That was yesterday! You expect me to remember what happened yesterday!?! I can barely remember what I had for lunch…”

    Sarcastic: “Sooooooo sorry! I guess I should have named the post ‘Ed Levine Agrees With Wayne’”

    Truthful: “Sorry, I completely forgot. If I had remembered I would have included your comment. I did respond to it yesterday though…”

  • hahahaha

    I will settle for nothing less than ‘Despondent’:

    “I just dissed a loyal ML commenter while visibly brown-nosing a fellow food blogger … I sentence myself to a vegan tofurkey salad and a week of penance doing comment deletion on Chowhound”

  • Wayne’s ego is bigger than Kanye West’s. Maybe he needs to eat some fish sticks?

  • hahaha – depends whether he likes them in his mouth

  • oh – and btw – i wholeheartedly agree with wayne – that mac ‘n cheese/sloppy joe dish was just plain bad. It wasn’t just average, it was below average.

  • “Will, Wayne & Ed Levine Perform M&C Gang-Smackdown of Zach”

  • Eat the fish stick wayne!

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