Midtown Lunch (The “My Kid Doesn’t Like Carrots” Edition)

My kid with The Carrot from Pump Energy Food (on Madison btw. 39+40th)

  • According to Lunch’er Andrew, the “Woody Allen” at Carnegie Deli could easily be split into 8 sandwiches [Wined and Dined]
  • There is a free Red Mango coupon in the latest issue of Time Out New York [The Feed Blog]
  • The Rickshaw Dumpling Truck is hiring [Eat Me Daily]
  • This ranking of NYC cupcakes inexplicably leaves off Crumbs (less surprising: Magnolia ended up mid-pack) [Grub Street]
  • You can get a great mushroom and barley soup in the Dean and Deluca in the New York Times Building [BLD Project]
  • A Mini guide to lunches in Midtown South [Eat to Blog]
  • 9th Ave. is the best place to run into a cast member of Hair [Grub Street]
  • Yvo hits up the Downtown branch of the Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck [Feisty Foodie]


  • If i were you I would keep my kid away from suspicious looking carrots dude looks like an extra from a 50 cent video.

  • In every new pic Harry looks like he’s growing increasingly more impatient with his dad’s photo antics

    His brow looks intent on making Zach’s head explode

  • “Dad,have you ever seen Bowling for Columbine?, I will not forget this”

  • Harry has the best glare I have ever seen. Pickles, giant carrots… how much more is he supposed to take?

  • That carrot has a jail tattoo..

  • Dubbin that cracked me up!

    Zach, you have an uncanny knack for putting your inspecting baby in the most hilariously inappropriate, yet accidental, pictures. No wonder Harry’s looks all pissed. See the places you take him to!! Start a trust fund for the psychiatrist.
    That poor boy is like “WTF?! Why is this carrot man hanggin’ over me!?!?”

  • I’m actually amassing a photo collection of Midtown mascots for one giant ridiculous post… so after I took a photo, the carrot was like “do you want to take a picture of me with your baby?” And I was like… Yes. Yes I do.

    And- Wayne, I thought it was perfectly clear that his anger was directed more at Pump than at me taking the photo!

  • Have a really good Mel Gibson weekend very nearly everyone!

  • blue steel

  • Cute kid! VERY cute kid, and I share his anxious look (or should I have said look of anxiety?).

    WHY? Because I thought I was the only one to spot the prison tattoo (until I read the other comments)! And on a carrot, no less.

  • haHAHAhahaha… zach, your bebeh has some of the best disapproving faces i’ve ever seen. his furrowed brow clearly indicates his anti-juice-for-midtown-lunch stance.

  • Zach, you need to get a big collection of these disapproving Harry pix and compile them into a book. He’s a star!

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