Treats Truck Has the Jews Covered


If you are observing Passover, then starting tomorrow Midtown Lunch’ing is going to get a whole lot tougher for you.  Thankfully the Treats Truck is saving your ass in the desserts department.  Kim just started serving apricot bars (on the right) which are made with matzoh meal, and plans on having macaroons and other assorted Passover cookies all week long.  She also was quick to remind me that her peanut butter cookie sandwiches are all gluten free, so maybe that means they’re Kosher for Passover?  Doubtful considering all the stupid non bread things you supposedly can’t eat (corn & rice? wtf!)  Then again I doubt Kim has a Rabbi there in the morning blessing her apricot bars… so if you want to get super technical, you probably can’t eat those either.  I’m going to avoid the hassle by sticking with the amazing looking pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting on the left.  (What can I say?  I’m a terrible Jew.)

You can visit the Treats Truck on 45th & 6th today from Noon to 4 p.m., or you can follow them around using their website, or Twitter.


  • Who care about Treat Trucks. Zach the Rey del Sabor is the best news I ever got on this site. The food is AMAZING. I just got the torta. Really authentic. Portuguese type roll that they put on the grill with some guy of butter-fat type concoction. As if that’s not enough, refried bean on one side, and a load of cheese on the other, melted directly on the grill. Then some lettuce, tomato, onion, radish, chipotle sauce or jalapeno and some pastor meat (marinated, spicy pork). The pork was moist and not dry at all. All wrapped tightly so everything melds together. It’s amazing!

  • I tried the apricot matzoh bar without knowing it was matzoh for passover. It was okay, but too sweet and crumbly. Regular pastries are better.

  • Any Jewish man who makes charoset the morning of Passover can’t be too bad a Jew.

  • A good jew would find a way to serve al pastor at a Seder.

  • Also, there were a couple girls taking photos there today. What pissed me off is that one of them was holding up a cookie like she was about to eat it, and then when they were done taking photos she didn’t eat it! I mean come on!

  • ^^ That is lame!

  • Newguy wrote: “Portuguese type roll that they put on the grill with some guy of butter-fat type concoction.”

    Calling first dibs on the guy made out of butter-fat.

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