FreeFoods is Adding a Few More Sandwiches for the “ML Crowd”

Duck Pastrami Reuben. Photo by Food In Mouth

FreeFoods NYC may be expensive and a lot of their food might be completely against what Midtown Lunch stands for, but you can’t fault them for trying.  Their Duck Pastrami Reuben was one of the best entries of the entire Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge, and apparently they’ve got some more similar offerings on the way.

“Just letting you know we’re planning on launching the Spring/Summer Menu April 20th and we’ve added some great new sandwiches that we feel are considerably closer to what the ML crowd might be looking for, after learning a bit more about what they enjoy as a function of your website, so thank you.”

A sneak peek at a few of the new additions (custom made for you!) after the jump:

  • The Duck Pastrami is staying on as is
  • FreeFoods Signature Burrito with Smoked Heirloom Beans, Guacamole, Brown Jasmine Rice, Queso Cojita on Soft Wheat Tortilla
  • The Heritage with Barbecued Heritage Farm Pork, Smoked Tomato, Pickled Lime, Chipotle-Cilantro Dressing on Sourdough
  • FreeFoods BTLT with Free-Range Smoked Turkey, Butter Lettuce, Crispy Turkey Bacon, Basil Aioli on Ciabatta
  • Sloppy Leo’s Brisket Melt with Agave BBQ Sauce, Caramelized Onions, Hickery Smoked Gouda on Filone”

Well, if they’re under $10 I might be persuaded to try a few of those sandwiches…

FreeFoods Duck Pastrami Sandwich is a Triumph. A Freakin’ Expensive Triumph.


  • The brisket melt sounds really good!

  • Hmm…definitely want to try the burrito and the brisket melt.

  • Brisket….melt…carmelized….sssmmmmoked….ahhhhhh.

    Anyone have any new pants for me?

  • I have a college education but little time to read the full post (after all I’m HUNGRY!) – where is this place? I WISH you could standardize the address in your posts – perhaps at the top near the title?

  • Turkey Bacon??? I thought he said he learned what the ML crowd enjoys?! Give us the real stuff!

  • After that amazing duck pastrami I will actually look forward to their turkey bacon

    If they make partridge tofu however….

  • Nice shot, Danny! That’s good looking sandwich.

  • “Smoked Heirloom Beans”? Apparently my blood is not blue enough to dine at this establishment!

  • oooooh, a collej edumacation, i’m sooo impressed!

  • Gordon – you don’t have enough time to read the full post but you do have enough time to post a comment to Zach? Stop douching up this site and just do a quick search.

  • I agree—put the addresses of the restaurants in the posts. That would be really helpful. Save your breath DDR, I care not what you think.

  • I second the notion that this website would be well served by making the restaurant’s addresses more apparent.

  • google the place. it takes less time than writing a post. and its around 45th and 6th

  • Re: the whole “addresses” thing… I always include the location of every place I write about at least once in a post. The only reason I didn’t for this one is because FreeFoods has multiple locations. It doesn’t happen to often… but that’s why.

    When I write an actual post about food, I’ll always include the full address and phone number at the bottom. Since this was just a little update post about something in the future, I included a related link at the bottom, to a post that had the two full addresses.

    Putting the full address at the bottom of every single post on the site would be a lot of clutter, not to mention too much work- and I’m very lazy. :-)

  • ….. and too busy working the proper angle to balance food on his kid for those disturbing kiddie-food-porn photographs

  • These do sound fantastic.. but it’s like you say, if they can just place them at the $10 price point or lower then they would be well-worth it!! (their ingredients are top-notch) That duck pastrami sandwich deserved to establish itself as the 5th food group.. yum!

  • Zach, thank you for taking the time to respond. What you say makes complete sense. I am a new visitor to this site and FreeFoods was the only restaurant that I clicked on, and it took quite a few clicks to find an address. Now that I look around a bit, the locations are more obvious.

    Thanks for this site, I’m enjoying it immensely.

    50th and Park

  • They raised their prices of their duck reuben to $12!! Not completely an atrocity considering the price of the duck meat that probably goes into it. I actually had the pleasure of trying the beef brisket. Total mouthgasm. At one point “this is the best sandwich ever invented” crossed my mind. The brisket itself is better than 90% of the briskets at bbq joints I’ve been to.

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