Eat Kosher Today, or Wait Another Week

With Passover starting tomorrow night at sundown, you may want to get that last Kosher falafel in today.  Not sure about Moshe’s Falafel, but Kosher Deluxe , Olympic Pita (38th btw. 5+6th), and Taam Tov will all be closed tomorrow through the end of Passover. Pick a Pita (on 8th Ave. btw. 39+40th) will be open tomorrow until sundown, and Crisp isn’t closing at all (heathens!)  Passover ends at sundown on April 15th.


  • Fear not, Blarney Stone will be open for the week, but they do not offer a matzo burger. I actually asked last year and the guy taking orders looked at me kinda funny. Or at least funnier than normal.

    I did opt to go bun-less though as no self-respecting Jew would have the bun on Passover. I’ll report back if they add kugel to the menu this year.

  • Is anyone in the ML world keeping Kosher for Passover, like myself? If so – what the hell am I suppossed to do for the next week? It’s my first Passover in Midtown and any help would be appreciated. I can only produce so many Matzoh Pizzas in the microwave of my office before I go insane.

  • All I can say from experience is that it helps if you have fellow tribesmen in your office who observe to share food and misery. If you’re a lone Jew in a sea of non’s… good luck, you won’t last more than 2 days.

    Over the course of the past 10 years or so working in Midtown, I’ve gone from hard core (bringing in mom’s boiled chicken n’ soup (with those soup mandlen)) to “bacon? sure, why the hell not… it’s not leavened” and rationalized how I can fit rice into the diet.

    Bread is still off the list, however.

  • To Steve L – well, good luck with that. If you must eat from a place, My Most Favorite Restaurant is Kosher for Passover, but they will only be open on Monday and Tuesday (and Sunday). Sometimes Dougie’s is open (yuck). Cafe Edison has matzah ball soup and matzah brie. Otherwise, you can get salads from pretty much anywhere.

  • has a list of places which are kosher for passover and open. I think it is more geared towards buying your seder dinner, but i’m sure you can figure something out.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll probably end up buying something in bulk off of and hope that it lasts me a few days. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are taken care of because my family will fill me to the brim at the seders and on shabbos, so it is really just the work week that follows that is in question.

  • Just polished off a Schnitzel pita at Pick-A-Pita. Last one for almost two weeks! *sniff*

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