Madeleine the Crepe Lady Wants You to Know She’s Still Here

Madeleine "The Crepe Lady"

Madeleine, the sweet French lady who makes Brittany crepes in the Cyber Cafe (on 49th btw. B’way+8th), posted this comment on Midtown Lunch yesterday:

“Hi this is “Madeleine the crepe lady” I am still at Cyber Cafe. Turns out the cyber cafe will not be turning into a hotel. So come and enjoy my crepes.”

Who said old ladies don’t know how to use the internet! I guess she has learned a thing or two working in the Cyber Cafe. It does seem like a good day for a crepe.

Not in the mood for a crepe, Cyber Cafe has added a new item to the menu.


Homemade baked ziti… wha!?! I guess the question is, whose home? I also noticed pies from the Tuck Shop are back. I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve seen those in stock. For those who are new to the Cyber Cafe- Tuck Shop used to operate a counter out of the internet cafe (alongside Madeliene the Crepe Lady), but they left a year and a half ago, and now just sell their pies wholesale to the store.

Cyber Cafe, 250 W. 49th St. (btw. B’way & 8th)  212-757-8481


  • Excellent! Madeleine makes a top-quality product. Anyone ever try the pies? Anyone? Rudy?

  • I love her crepes. Often eat here before the theater. Just be aware that Madeleine prepares everything from scratch, so leave a bit extra time to enjoy.

  • For the East side folk, Cosmo Creperie in the basement of 875 Third and makes decent crepes. Many aren’t traditional, and I can’t vouch for how authentic the actual crepe is….but like Madeleine, they make them to order right in front of you.

    However, according to their website, it appears to be the only US location of a European family owned restaurant chain. So maybe they are authentic.

  • Are the crepes available every day, or on special days only?

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    But she ain’t there anymore! CyberCafe has apparently changed ownership.

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