Cyber Cafe To Close; What Will Happen to Madeleine the Crepe Lady?

Some terrible news posted to the comments over the weekend: “I was talking to Madeleine (the crepe lady) and it turns out CyberCafe (on 489h btw. B’way+8th) will have to close down in a couple months because a hotel is buying it out. And she’ll have to stop making crepes! Someone needs to offer her a crepe-making nook in another cafe!”  Any takers? (I’m looking in your general direction Macaron Cafe…) It would be a real shame for Midtown lunch’ing to lose Madeleine’s amazing Brittany crepes.


  • This will be a major loss to the theater district. Madeline is so sympa and makes authentic Breton crepes…they are our standard pre-matinee lunch. Let’s hope she lands on her feet and finds another location.

  • Madeline the Crepe Lady is still at Cyber Cafe. The Cyber Cafe did not close. I was just in there on friday and had 3 delicous crepes

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    It is now closed, much to my chagrin. Went there today.

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