Famous Dave’s BBQ Is Opening Tomorrow


I got a peak inside Famous Dave’s BBQ (on 47th btw. 6+7th) yesterday, and it looks pretty damn scary like they are ready to go. (It’s as if Brother Jimmy’s and TGI Friday’s collided into each other going 100 mph.) Very exciting! For all you fans out there (and I know you exist), tomorrow is the big grand opening. And, for Midtown Lunch I think this is the end of the line… unless business is slow and they decide to introduce an under $10 lunch special (or give out free food!)


  • I’d like to meet the Tijuana whorehouse veteran that they hired to do the interior design …

    any mention of donkey shows on the menu?

  • Daily donkey shows from 2-4pm

  • Where are the megra? That’s all I have to add…..

  • Zach, this may be a tasty place for you to eat but, like Dallas BBQ, they are basically purveyors of liquid smoke and the most horrendous compilation of chemicals since Vietnam or Love Canal. Check out their gastronomic shitshow:


    I will never set foot in their door.

  • Please excuse my naiveté, but your ‘strike-outs’ might suggest that you are taking “Famous Dave’s BBQ” with a grain of salt — or perhaps something stronger (concentrated MSG, perhaps?).

    To be perfectly honest (and I was a Boy Scout 60 years ago, when ‘honest’ was COOL), the physical health, and/or the culinary health of New Yawk City folks is really NOT on the top of my list of concerns.

    However, if you folks there in the Big Apple choose to patronize FD’s BBQ – - – then you deserve whatever fate may befall you.

  • 22 of their menu items contain MSG, nearly all their sauces are made with HFCS, This place might as well be the Crappy-Chinese-takeout of BBQ. the chicken wildrice soup contains: propylene glycol (antifreeze and aircraft deicer) and silicon dioxide (sand). This my friends, is a culinary masterpiece.

    I had to break out the MSDS sheets just to figure out what some of this stuff is in the soup!

  • wow – since when did everyone turn over a new leaf and start caring about how healthy the food is?

  • That special that comes on the Garbage Can Lid (Really!) that has samples of everything is a helluva lot of fun. So Pftttt to all the nay sayers

  • Never eaten at Famous Daves, but i’m sure it’s healthier than cart food. Not that I care (i eat from carts twice a week), but it may be funny to find out exactly what ingredients they use at the Biryani, Bulgogi, or Halal carts. I’m sure MSG and liquid smoke wouldn’t look so bad after that!!

  • A little Polysorbate 60 would do you people good. It might offset some of the physical and mental effects of eating from those pathogen-infested food trucks.

    Then again, it might not. It may be too late.

    Famous Dave’s is a reputable purveyor of adequate, yet not exciting, BBQ. And they use real beef, pork and chicken. Another positive change for those used to the random animal matter you call “street meat.”

  • well, if i am looking for something three steps below tony roma’s…and one step above stouffer’s….i will stop in.

  • The food was surprisingly adequate, and the quantity enormous. That it was served on a garbage can lid was a real plus.

  • There seemed to be a reasonably good crowd for lunch today. The food was very good- even though they messed up our orders a bit (blame that on opening day jitters), they brought the correct items, free of charge. We got a free sample of their famous fries, which were good. 3 guys, $125 without tip, and we had enough food leftover (well, at least 2 of us did) to last 2 days.

  • shill.

    But a gold star for DebinQns

  • Sarah,

    So we have to dislike it in order to not be considered a shill? You’re an idiot.

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