Famous Dave’s BBQ Chain is Coming to Midtown

Famous Dave's BBQ Coming to Manhattan

According to a tipster, and confirmed on their website, World famous (?) BBQ chain Famous Dave’s Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que is opening their first Manhattan branch right smack dab in the middle of Midtown Lunch central (on 47th btw. 6+7th). I would be down with some good BBQ in these parts (right now, the Daisy May’s BBQ cart on 50th btw. 6+7th is about all I can fully get behind) but considering how many touristy, big box BBQ joints we already have in Midtown (Dallas BBQ, Virgil’s, & Spanky’s) this may not be the answer to our prayers.

I don’t have anything against BBQ chains (if Corky’s opened a NYC branch, I’d probably pass out from excitement), and I’ve never been to a Famous Dave’s, which apparently has locations all over the U.S., but the background info doesn’t seem reassuring: it was founded in Minnesota (huh?) about 15 years ago by the same guy who helped found the “Rainforest Cafe“. Sweet!

There is a menu posted on their website, but there aren’t any prices, so I’m not sure if this place is even going to fall under the Midtown Lunch price range. I’m not holding my breath. Have you been to a Famous Dave’s? Let us know in the comments if we should be excited…

A interior taken-through-the-cracks-of-the-plywood photo is after the jump (if such a thing excites you).



  • If Corky’s opened in NYC any hope of me never breaking the 300lb barrier would be lost forever.

  • A little digging on the website menu showed the prices in another NY location — Smithtown NY (obviously city prices will likely be higher).

    Lunch & Early Bird Specials

    Same great taste, just smaller portions of a few of our favorites served up for lunch.

    Real ‘Que Sandwich Specials

    •Georgia chopped pork •Texas beef brisket •Pulled BBQ chicken with Jack cheese Sandwiches served with your choice of one side. $6.99

    Platter and Combo Specials – Choose two different meats from below — $8.49

    Platter and Combo Specials – Choose one meat from below — $7.69

    Meat Selections:

    • St. Louis-style spareribs • Country-roasted or barbeque chicken • Sweetwater catfish • Texas beef brisket • Georgia chopped pork • Hot link sausage • Rib tips • Chicken tenders Chicken wings

    Combos and Platters served with a corn bread muffin, corn-on-the-cob and your choice of one side.
    Lunch Size Salads

    Smaller versions of our entrée salads, served with a corn bread muffin. • Dave’s sassy BBQ salad • Crispy chicken salad • Smoked salmon Caesar salad • Grilled chicken Caesar salad — $7.49

    BBQ Stuffed Potato

    Loaded baked potato topped with choice of Texas beef brisket, Georgia chopped pork or pulled BBQ chicken. $7.49

    Soup, Salad and Potato Specials Camera Icon

    Choose two from below. Served with a corn bread muffin. • Cup of soup or Dave’s famous chili • Fresh garden salad or side Caesar salad • Baked potato loaded with your choice of whipped butter, sour cream, Cheddar cheese, and bacon bits — $7.19

  • I’ve been to the Famous Dave’s in Philly and it wasn’t that bad. The barbeque better than what you would get at a similar chain, say Chili’s and it’s priced nicely. I fully expect the prices to be much higher in Midtown, but I’m sure they’ll have a few sandwiches w/fries for under $10.

  • “Wasn’t that bad” is a terrible endorsement for a food establishment in New York City where choices abound (it’s not like we don’t have great ‘cue here)

    Sadly, @ben was spot on- my visit to a MN location was very forgettable.

  • Those Smithtown prices are definitely cheaper than I expected… maybe we’ll get lucky.

  • Skrewed, actaully we don’t abound in great ‘cue here in midtown. And “wasn’t” that bad” is on the context of “chain” restaurants, not the sum of New York dining.

  • I’m famliar with Famous Dave’s. They opened one in Westbury/Carle place across the street from Target. It’s pretty good. It’s not as good as BBQ competition food, or Corky’s, or southern homestyle type joints, but it’s good for this area. There’s lots of Famous Dave’s down south.

  • No one will confuse anything eaten at Famous Dave’s with great bbq. All famous Dave locations have closed in my NFL city after a run of less than a year, and no, we also do not have good bbq here. Not even average when compared to all dining choices, not just bbq choices. Also: The smoking is done off premises

  • With the sole exception of Farmer Bar in Southold, there is no good ‘que on LI. That being said, FD in Westbury comes *pretty* close…. Their rib platters are fat and juicy, and their sides are pretty damn good. As substitutes and also-rans go, this one is mighty fine….

  • “A interior taken-through-the-cracks-of-the-plywood photo is after the jump (if such a thing excites you).”

    Channeling DocChuck?

  • I actually like Famous Dave’s better than Corky’s, but I’ve only been to the Corky’s in Atlantic City. That might not be the best example. :)

    Apart from FD, the only other decent BBQ place I’ve been to on LI was a place called Swingbelly’s in Long Beach. Definitely more of a summertime place but pretty good nonetheless.

  • God I need to visit North Carolina soon!! I want pulled pork now!

  • @ Manga and @ Harry — I think The Spare Rib on Long Island makes pretty good bbq, granted it’s no Dinosaur BBQ, but I think it’s very good (locations in Commack and Hicksville if I remember correctly).

  • Mamacita, I’ll get the car if you pay for the gas. I’ve been dying to visit ed “you want some ribs” mitchell.

  • Cue Waynes pulled pork/Mamacita line.

    And, ‘thebooth’…its a food blog not the gettysburg address.

  • If you love Olive Garden you’ll love Famous Dave’s.

    Owned by a guy who puts restaurants in Iowa’s strip malls.

  • And calls his salads “sassy.”

  • @Ben: I have to agree that Midtown doesn’t abound in good ‘cue- that’s why I said “New York City”. I don’t like to distinguish between chains and mom and pops personally. A place is either good or bad and serves their food one place or many. Further distinction seems arbitrary and elitist :)

  • DocChuck is right: I love Olive Garden and I love Famous Dave’s.

  • Famous Dave’s is pretty good for what it is: a chain and really cheap. I’ve been twice or three times to the one in LI (the closer to Queens one) and found it reasonable enough to have bday dinners (with the family, necessitating a kid-friendly place) there. Lunch specials are super cheap (5.99+) there so I’d imagine add a dollar or two for Manhattan premium pricing. I can’t say it’s amazing but … good for what it is and the price. I never posted pictures because I had too much other stuff going on at the time, but I can whip them out for you if you’d like Zach.
    One annoying thing is how every waitstaff person will say “Hi I’m Famous[insert name]!” when they greet you. Like “I’m Famous Kirsten!” and “I’m Famous Idiot!” or whatever. It gets tiring after you’re there for 15 minutes and 5 people have approached your table to tell you this.

    Oh, and The Spare Rib – haven’t been in a while but the quality went way down maybe 5 years ago? So I stopped going.

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