Papa Perrone’s Pizza Truck Has Easter Pizza Rustica Today

Got a message from Papa Perrone’s Pizza Truck (on 55th btw. Mad+Park) this morning: “We have Easter pie today.”  My response: “What exactly is Easter pie?”  (What can I say?  I’m a short fat Jew.)  The response: “It’s a meat pie made with sweet and hot sausage, proscuitto, pepperoni, mixed with ricotta, mozzarella, and provolone, baked in a dough. Also called pizza rustica.”  Oh my… I was a big fan of their artichoke pie, and this seems to take it to a different level. I can feel the boring meatball sliders becoming a distant memory…


  • This is what I think easter pie really is. I made it 3 yrs ago and found it a bit, unappealing, to put it nicely. I actually tossed over half of it, and I rarely do that. Not a fan. Papa Perrone’s Easter Pie sounds like a calzone to me….and I would be a fan of that!

  • Do you think they have Matzah Pizza next week?

  • where are they located?

  • @Monica – Sorry! Just added it (55th btw. Mad+Park)

  • Did you stop using Flickr for posting your pics?!?! I can see this pic! Whatever you did keep posting pics in this way. This site blows without being able to look at the food porn.

  • Just tried the easter pie, and I must say Im a big fan. For only 4.50 he gave me a pretty hefty slice (Im guessing since Im a regular), and it was delicious. If you like salty encase meats mixed with various cheeses definitely give it a shot. He was even handing out mini slivers of tastings of the pie.
    On a side note, hes still not giving up on the sandwich challenge, and most likely will be coming out with something new.

  • Easter Pie was already long gone when I got there at 1:10

  • Mmmm, Easter pie. (In my family growing up we only ever made it at Easter, and alternated between calling it Easter pie and meat pie. –

    Anyone wanna send me one of this guy’s Easter pie for comparison?

  • We usually make so much food at easter, we don’t bother making Pizza Rustica, and just buy it from one of the many bakeries in Bensonhurst (usually Mona Lisa). Pizza Rustica, Lard Bread, and Antipasti with loaded with meat cheese, all important parts of our family’s easter.

    The food network recipe is more like Pizza Grano (grain pie).

    Actually, I think people would appreciate the foodporn better than me typing about it:

    There you go!

  • I’ve been working on this Pizza Rustica recipe for a few years and am pretty happy with it. I’m going to head over to the truck at lunch and see how theirs compares …

  • Where is Papa Perrone? I went there Monday and again today, and there was no sign of him. It’s pretty much in the opposite direction of all the other food in midtown, too, so it’s a bit of a letdown to hike up there and not come back with a delicious rice ball (or even better, Easter pie!)

  • I make “pizza gain” or an easter meat pie every year. In Naples it is known as “pastiera,” It is also known as “pizza piena,” (stuffed pie), and in Italian-American dialect, “pizza gain.” I use dough, eggs, Farmers cheese (aslo called Basket Cheese, the eggs and the cheese when baked binds the pie together), Cold Cuts (Salami, Ham, Capicola, provolone etc). Everyone makes it different though.

  • A bit thin, but very tasty considering it is being served out of a truck. Hard to go wrong with so many different cheese and meats!!

  • yes! we call it just easter pizza and use the same ingredients. the basket cheese- very important -is usually only available around easter time. therefore, easter pizza pie. delicious

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