Free Sample Alert: Sign of the Economic Apocalypse


Things have gotten so bad that even Magnolia Bakery (on 49th & 6th) has to resort to offering free samples to drum up business! Don’t ask me why I was in there… I didn’t buy anything, but I took a free sample of carrot cake. I’m not going to lie- their cupcakes may be mediocre but that carrot cake freebie was goooood.


  • their carrot cake is some of the best around. but if you LOVE carrot cake, you gotta check out the monster slice at the palm. it could feed you for a week–or me, one glorious weekend!

  • Carrot cake my arse

    IT’s becoming alarmingly vegetarian again.

  • Cupcakes = meh. But Banana Pudding = teh awesome.

  • Magnolia Carrot Cake?

    I didn’t imagine Zach as a tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing, granola-eating, armpit-hair-braiding, save the gay-whales-for-Jebus-supporting whipped vegan new-age food blogger.

    But I did like how he apologized for even being in there

    Now post the bar review, you damn hippie

  • They need to start giving out cups full of frosting (Like that evil thanksgiving sandwich with the cup of gravy.) There’s something so wrong and yet so right about getting huge portions of the worst thing for you.

  • Ok…gym done….kids watching some Disney bollocks….where’s the blood pub review?

  • The Palm carrot cake is outrageous, but the chocolate cake is even better. One slice feeds five…for a week.

  • I still don’t know how the Magnolia’s and Crumb’s of the world can survive in prime 5th and 6th Ave. real estate. It wouldn’t surprise me if they went the way of Dale and Thomas, or Garretts.

  • I heard from a former employee that Carrot is the only flavor still made from scratch at Magnolia’s (everything else is from a prepackaged mix). Maybe that’s why it tasted so good.

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