St. Andrews Scottish Pub Moves to Old Kati Roll Space

Blogger and Profiled Lunch’er Andre Mika sends word that the old Kati Roll space on 46th Street (which has been empty since they moved to 39th St. almost two years ago) has finally been filled. “In case you missed it, our friends at St. Andrew’s Scottish Pub (44th Street) have opened a new location (the old one will close soon) at 140 West 46th Street btw 6th and Broadway.” A call to the new location confirms… the old 44th Street location is now closed, and the new St. Andrews officially opened yesterday on 46th with full food service.  Lunch is out of the ML price range, but Mamacita seemed to enjoy the Happy Hour.


  • I was there yesterday Zach, and very happy to report the place is fantastic… but the best news? Tennents Lager on tap. One of the only (if not the only) place in NYC to drink this beer, and if you know beer… it is worth the trip. There is no smoother quality beer than Tennents on this planet. Think Stella, will no bite… almost like a clean, clear Newcastle. 2 or 3 of these make a dinner.

  • Andre, please do not insult Tennents by comparing it to Stella, the Belgian Bud

    I trust the Belhaven is also as good as ever?

  • Andre ….wayne… heathens…Tennents is scottish gnats piss…..Stella is the best mass produced beer on the planet…it’s not as good as a fine Belgian monastic brew,granted

    Mind you, you’re colonials and can’t spell Doughnut correctly.

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