Kati Roll Now Offers Delivery, Introduces Strange New Menu

When Kati Roll lost their lease, and was forced to move from 46th St. to 39th St. (btw. 5+6th), it was at the peak of Midtown Lunch popularity.  There were long lines to order, 20+ minute waits for your food and it even spawned two copycat carts down the street (only one of them survived).

Now, 4 months later and in their new location, the lines are gone.  The crowds, nowhere to be found as the new Kati Roll waits for the lazy, set in their ways workers in Midtown South to discover them for the first time.  One thing that hasn’t changed, is the food, and if you work near the old Kati Roll and don’t have time to walk the extra 7 blocks to the new location, they now offer delivery.

The minimum order is $20, but they told me if you got above $15 they would probably do it.  The delivery area is from 30th St. to 50th St., between Lexington & 8th Ave.  They’ve also added a new, and fairly strange take out menu- for those who are not so good at reading. 

Check it out after the jump…

So weird, and mildly off putting- and yet I can’t pull my eyes away from it.  It should clearly be an entry on Suicide Food, a website dedicated to advertising where cute animals encourage people to eat them.  I’m all for knowing what animal your food comes from, but for some reason- this menu strikes me as a little creepy.  And yet, I want to frame it and hang it up in my apartment. 

One thing I don’t understand is why mutton was spared the humiliation of having a cute little baby lamb advertising the delicious Shami Kebab rolls.  Perhaps Kati Roll sides with the Simpsons.  Mutton is lamb Lisa, not A lamb.

To order delivery from Kati Roll, call 212-730-4280, or get off your lazy ass and visit them on 39th St. btw. 5+6th Ave.


  • I’ve been there a few times and have given up on them. It doesn’t matter if the line is long or short. You’re going be in for a long wait regardless. All those people working there appear to be busy doing something, yet it takes like 20 mins to get your food even if there’s only 1-2 people in front of you. Their ineptitude at churning out their overly greasy (and i love grease) and mediocre overpriced crap is quite amazing.

  • That menu is compelling.
    Warhol eat your heart out.

  • Aw! I think that menu is kind of precious. It reminds me of the Bengali alphabet books my mom used to use to try and teach me to read!

  • DOH,Leases not being renewed im suprised small scale but great food carts/restaurants can be bloody bothered.

    Bloombergs penthouse should have a bloody yellow doh poster on the door ‘ closed due to owner being a twat…’

    Rant over.

  • WOW…..I thought I’d never read something as sweet as “…Bloomberg…..is being a twat….” Happy Holidays Rudy….or has Satan eaten your soul?

  • The cow looks Asian.

  • The menu is terrible. I was there yesterday and a lot of people couldn’t figure it out. Not really a factor for me since I’d been there so often, but that menu is not gonna make up for the fact they are also terrible at answering questions about the menu in the first place.

    The pricing scheme is weird enough to begin with, as some rolls that lack meat are more expensive than ones that have it. And its also confusing as hell that you have to order two of the same roll in order to get the discount.

    Though I guess that stems from the fact that its easier to make two of the same rolls at once since it takes them so friggin long to make the rolls in the first place, even though they are fairly simple and a lot of the ingredients are close to prepared anyway.

    That being said, the food is really good.

  • Shami is lamb? I thought from the picture it was like, walnuts or something.

  • that cow looks like hillary clinton.

  • wont bother with the link

    Mutton is normally a ewe of over 24 months. a wether a nuts off male.

    Dont argue, i grew up ona farm.

  • I would like to order two sugar cube rolls. And a gigantic, cow-sized egg.

  • Chow. I am crying in my cubicle bc I’m trying so hard not to laugh at your comment.

  • If I weren’t already committed to latkes tomorrow, I’d be heading to the cart on 46th. You can’t beat the price 2/$5 vs 2/$8. Why would anyone go to Kati Roll?

  • I only went to the new location once, and didn’t like it as much as the original Kati on MacDougal, food was overcooked and dry. The menu is beautiful art, but horrible as a menu. I hate when you come into a place and you can’t figure out what is on the menu or how to order. I seem to remember having that experience at the downtown Pop Burger, hope the midtown one isn’t like that.

  • Dude, that chicken must have had a rough time laying that egg…

  • After reading about it here and it moving a block from my work, I had to try it. Basically – it sucked. Great concept, OK price, heinous execution. It was disgusting. What’s all the hubbub about?

  • I think the menu is cool

  • I ate at Kati roll last night around 8 PM. There was nobody there. The kitchen looked dirty and disheveled. There was dirt and trash on the floor of the dining area and the kitchen. I was concerned about unsanitary conditions. I had two rolls, the egg and the potato, and they were delicious. I kept imagining getting some strange disease, which detracted from the dining experience somewhat. Now it’s 17 hours later, the next day, and no ill effects yet. The rolls were delicious. I don’t know that I would return.

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