Via Twitter: Chef Yu Packed; Blarney Stone Makes a Mean Pulled Pork

Who knew?


  • Zach, you answer to nobody and you’re not intimidated by these establishments like Yushi. I like that. But here’s how you messed up Yushi. You send three midtown pigs to an all you can eat Yushi bar. They’re surely going to re-think prices after that debacle. You pulled a Homer Simpson. Next, they wanted you to come in for a private screening, off the record, to review it and tell them what you think, so that when they officially open and you “officially review” it, you can’t knock them. Instead, you have your readers come in for the private screening and do a review? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of what Yushi was trying to accomplish. Hats off to you Zach. You’re a man that answers to no one. Stick it to the Yushi and they’re 15 dollar South Beach specials.

  • that dbuu is one hell of a dude!

  • Everything at Blarne Stone is great, certainly not good for you, but very tasty. The bar has a nice elk’s lodge feel to it as well.

  • Just more incontrovertible proof that Twitter is indeed for twits.

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