Indian Food Newsstand Adds Pizza to the Lineup


More news from Khodiar Lunch Services (aka Newsstand Indian) on 6th Ave. btw. 37+38th.  They’ve introduced pizza to the “food court” which already includes vegetarian Gujarati food, regular Indian food with meat, a chaat counter, and the latin food that used to be in the Blimpie next door.  The chaat counter moved to the back awhile ago, along with everything else, and now the pizza is in the front right hand corner where the chaat used to be. They’re having a “Grand Opening” special, with slices for $1.50- so I felt compelled to see what pizza from an Indian newsstand would taste like (it doesn’t appear as if they have outsourced the pizza to an Italian family.)



I don’t know why I ever bothered trying this… it’s exactly what you’d expect to get from an Indian newsstand for $1.50.  It was fine (especially for the price) but I think I’ll stick to the Indian food or even the latin food.


  • Are they experimenting with any Indian spiced pizzas a la Zante in San Francisco?

  • oooh, Zach. That could be your next thing. special SLICES.
    Different places could experiment with various crazy toppings and low low prices to draw the midtownluch crowd.

  • Come on Jill, no one wants pizza slices with crazy toppings… keep your focus on the sandwiches. Or if you must, get a place to use pizza slices instead of a roll for a sandwich.

  • @ESNY. I like the way you think.

  • I luv the idea Jill! I have put potato chips on a plain slice….its not too shabby.

  • Great idea Jill! I have put potato chips on a plain slice….its not too shabby.

  • grabbed a slice, late from the place; the guy running the pizza was filthy; hands all over the cash, all over the oven, the counter, the pizza, I think he actually dropped some change on a pie (he has to reach over the pizza to get to the cash register in the far corner). pretty nasty.

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