Five Guys Price Hike?

Few places have the balls to jack up their prices in this economy, and yet this email came in yesterday: “I just went to the Five Guys in Midtown earlier and I noticed they raised all of the prices on the menu (especially the fries) small went up 80 cents and the burgers look like they went up 30-40 cents.  That is the 2nd time they have raised them in the last year.  Burger and Fries now is $12 (including tax) up from $11 which is still crazy.” Nice.


  • Just make burgers a home! Much cheaper.

  • What did Geithner and Obama know, and when did they know it?

  • 5 Guys can suck it! The nerve.

  • The greater injustice remains their inability to cook a rare burger.

  • Ridiculous! I urge a formal boycott–and a protest! Time TBD!

  • boycott indeed!!!

  • if they raise the price of the fries, maybe they can learn how to consistently make it good. sometimes it’s not as crispy/well-done

  • ….”it’s the end off the world as we know it..”

    ahhh Mr.Bryne, only 20 years out.

  • dainobu the japanese deli/grocery was starting to become my regular spot b/c of its dirt cheap prices (i noticed cafe zest a few doors down seems to have been hurt by the competition and their selection is laughably limited now) – but dainobu totally raised their prices as of this week! My jam was the large soba salad with mixed greens and homemade dressing for 3.99 – then id grab a side like a spicy tuna riceball or stop by cafe zest for a curry pan pastry but i went a couple days ago and the salad is now 5.99! that’s two whole dollars and their bento prices all went up around that much too. it just sucks because before i discovered dainobu, i was a regular at cafe zest (b/c besides dainobu’s salad, zest had better quality and more variety of bentos) – but now zest is dying and dainobu is priced as much as zest with trashier bentos. i have a limit of $7 for lunch b/c i can’t justify not just packing lunch if im spending more than that amount. anyhow – just another place to flag for having the nerve to so brazenly raise their prices like this.

  • Went last week, and the cheeseburger is now $6.99, and the small fries $3.29 — the menu says $3.99 but I was charged less. The large fries are $4.99.

    When they first opened, a cheeseburger and small fries ran $9.76 with tax. Now it’s $11.15, and if they really are going to charge $3.99 for a small fries… well, that’s just Burger Joint prices. Cafe 75 on 51st St. gives a damn good cheddar burger and fries for $8. Sorry, Five Guys.

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