Baja Fresh To Open in May

The Curtains are Up at Baja
Photo courtesy of nycblondieandbrownie

Got this email from Lunch’er FB this morning: “The upcoming Baja Fresh on Lexington between 45th & 46th just got new brown paper covering the windows.  A new sign in the window now indicates it will open in May of 2009.”  Confirmed by Blondie and Brownie.  As we get closer and closer, I worry more and more that this place is not going to live up to my west-coast-Baja-Fresh-loving expectations.


  • zach, you should really be worrying about more important things, like whether or not Harry is going to steal your lunch. We’ve seen the way he eyes your food!

  • I still miss Zen Burger…these Baja folks better be good!

  • 2 weeks ago, having heard about it here on ML – I was in San Carlos CA and hit a Baja Fresh for dinner and I have t say the Fish Tacos were really good and a very good value… the Churros (had to get dessert) were nasty.

  • Hey if Baja can pull it off right then In-N-Out may be convinced.

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