Cammareri Bros Prosciutto Rolls Available on Midtown Pizza Truck


Papa Perrone’s, the pizza truck that popped up on 55th btw. Mad+Park last year as an alternative to Jiannetto’s, is starting to pick up a little steam.  They distinguished themselves nicely with their delicious artichoke pie, and now in addition to grandma slices, Sicilian rice balls, and their eggplant/meatball/chicken parm subs, they are offering prosciutto rolls from Cammareri Bros- the famous Brooklyn bread bakery (that was in the movie Moonstruck.)

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It’s not a great photo, but you kind of get the idea.  Deliciously oily bread, studded with cheese and chunks of prosciutto.  What could be bad about that? And for only $1.50 it makes a great snack (or ‘fat guy’ add on appetizer to a couple of slices or a sandwich.)

Another new offering kind of sums up what this truck is all about; the Pablo slice: a regular grandma slice, topped with fresh mozzarella and one of their homemade meatballs (named after a customer who constantly requested the combo.)  The guy who runs Papa Perrone’s is super friendly, and will pretty much do whatever you ask.

Also available sporadically as a special: prosciutto rice balls… and we hear they are working on a sandwich for the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge that may or may not include garlic bread as a vehicle.  I think I speak for everyone when I say… nice.

Papa Perrone’s Pizza Truck, 55th btw. Mad+Park (North side of the street)


  • Wow. That all sounds awesome. But alas, they are so far from my office! *cry*

  • Hmmmmm papa Perrone’s says they now carry some fancy chocolate chip cookies from a bakery called “Delicious Endings” Anyone tried them? At $1.25 the price is right.

  • Is that about fist sized or smaller? $1.50 is an awesome price… prosciutto!

  • Speaking for myself…NICE.

  • There are many better choices in that neighborhood, and I am being polite.

  • delicous endings…sounds…sexy!

  • These Rice Balls are gourmet. I grew up on these sicilian treats. the rice was perfect w a tasty meat center. these “Rice Balls ” were out of this world. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • This truck is a standby as they park in front of my office. Not a fan of the artichoke slice but the rice balls and eggplant parm sandwich are excellent

  • fully enjoyed the specials today. Chatted about sandwich challenge — expect lasagna and EP on a roll. nice.

  • I went for the first time today and my verdicts are:

    Rice Ball – Great!
    Artichoke Pie – Pretty Good
    Prosciutto Roll – Just so-so

  • Love the Rice Balls and Meat Balls. They have really good sauce.

  • i just ate one of the chocolate chip and walnut cookies. it was really great

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