When Times Get Tough, Popcorn is the First Thing To Go

Popcorn Fail

The Garrett’s Popcorn location on the SW corner of 46th and 5th, which hosted Top Chef Richard Blais and his frozen popcornsicles back in July, is now closed. I guess when the economy goes bad, people don’t spend as much money on fancy pants Chicago popcorn.  I never actually bought any popcorn, but partook in free samples whenever they were offered.  Oh… maybe that was the problem.  According to their website, the location on 34th btw. 7+8th is still open.


  • ccc = lol

  • Dale & Thomas has been closing outlets as well.

    Broadway near 72nd is now gone. New Hyde Park (Long Island) is now gone.

    Wonder how long the 48th and Broadway shop will last.

  • I was never a fan, they dont have Kettle Corn…

    Dale & Thomas is better IMO

  • 48th. And broadway closed down not too long ago. I knew that was gonna happen. I used to work for the company and let me tell u…. if you’ve ever eaten there I’m very sorry. It was not a sanitary story at all. Rats would run around there and the instruments don’t get cleaned. The manager who used to work there told us don’t worry about it because people won’t know. Dale and thomas is a bad company? Health hazards like no bathrooms in the facility, no heat in the winter and no a/c in the summer. We’d sweat while serving people popcorn and their solution? Deal with it!! This is very true. All my comrads suffered through nonsense, drama and the coditions we’d go through. I sure did call 311 in case you wondered. That company needs to go down. And the president, terry was racist. He considers the staff “n*&&s from bronx. Dale and thomas is a mess

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