When Times Get Tough, Popcorn is the First Thing To Go

Popcorn Fail

The Garrett’s Popcorn location on the SW corner of 46th and 5th, which hosted Top Chef Richard Blais and his frozen popcornsicles back in July, is now closed. I guess when the economy goes bad, people don’t spend as much money on fancy pants Chicago popcorn.  I never actually bought any popcorn, but partook in free samples whenever they were offered.  Oh… maybe that was the problem.  According to their website, the location on 34th btw. 7+8th is still open.


  • it wasn’t that good anyways :p

  • I just noticed it was closed today. It’s sad, but I really didn’t visit it too often.

  • This is the best news I’ve head today! Walking past that place in the morning, the stink was unbearable.

  • I’ve heard wonders of Garrett’s. I didn’t know they had a NY location Anyone ever have any and, if so, is it worth trying?

  • meh, i was never a fan. It smelled funny and wrong, like chemicals, and was way too greasy. I’d rather walk over to dale & thomas.

  • I agree with blondie. I always suspected that the popcorn smell wafting out onto the sidewalk, luring in customers, was engineered in some lab to waft out onto the sidewalk and lure in customers.

  • That’s it–if a pro like blondie says “meh,” that’s all I need to hear. Another all hype, no quality, Chicago transplant establishment (UNOS SUCKS!)…

  • @ Blondie: Hello from your fav designer… I believe Dale and Thomas is also closed, but I’ll check tonight when I pass by…

  • that place was awful. smelled so bad. thank god

  • Went there once, thought it was “meh.” Not that flavorful, and the smell of the place was incredibly overpowering. Hopefully it won’t become another Europa now that it’s gone!

  • It meaning the empty store, of course.

  • Hey, at least it wasn’t from Philly

  • I actually lived in Chicago for a few months and the one on Michigan Avenue was amaaaaaaaaaaaazing. I think it has to do with the sheer volume of popcorn that they sold so you always got a fresh batch.

    I was really excited when I found out Garrett’s was opening up a location in NY but it was just never the same. I will say though that ordering a gallon tin and enjoying it during the summer months is pretty enjoyable. :)

  • Yea it definitely has a distinct smell in the mornings that almost tempted me to go inside. Prices are unreasonable though to justify a purchase.

  • Yea. The same thing happened with ice cream places. since saturday was so warm, i decided to get some sticky toffee pudding from haagen daaz by lincoln center. closed.

    so i had to take the train downtown to the closest ben and jerry’s. also closed.

    ended up at (ugh) coldstone. :(

  • This was easily the best popcorn in the city… the caramel corn was amazing, and their “Chicago” blend with cheese and regular was decadent. Maybe New Yorker’s just don’t get it… but I hope the other locale next to Penn Station can remain open in this economy.

  • Dedicating an entire store to popcorn makes as much sense as dedicating an entire store to lightbulbs..

  • Garrett’s Popcorn is made from people. PEOPLE!!!!!

  • @ “c”

    You are so very right. The popcorn at their Loop outlets is superior in every way.

    My wife (younger than me by a decade!) was born and raised in Chicago. A few years back, she was asked to invest heavily in Garrett’s popcorn operation.

    She’s a physician, not a savvy investor like myself, so I answered for her: NO.

    This just proves me right, I guess.

  • The popcorn wasn’t very good, but whenever I walked past it on my way to Kosher Deluxe I would get a blast of their caramel flavor coming through the air vent at the back of the shop…. I think that’s what Heaven smells like.

    R.I.P. Garrett’s.

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