Free Peanut Butter Alert

In an attempt to rebuild our trust in peanut butter, the National Peanut Board is giving away a bunch of peanut products in Grand Central Terminal today from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Lunch’er Adam stopped by yesterday and sent in this report: “I got a free apple, free small container of peanut butter to dip pre-cut apples in (which I also got). Other items include peanut energy bars, peanut brittle bars, small packages of peanut M&Ms, and as many spoonful samples of Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butter as you can get away with.” Update: Blondie and Brownie also posted this report.


  • hmm, i didn’t see peanut M&Ms, or peanut brittle bars, or peanut energy bars, BUT i did see them handing out free Peanut Butter & Co. t-shirts this morning.

  • I’ll stick to the PB&J cookie sandwiches from Treats Truck.

  • Went yesterday and got – 2 cups of PB, 2 baggies of pre-cut apples, 1 bag of shelled peanuts, 1 peanut butter spreader (definitely a necessity!), 1 peanut butter moon pie, 2 bags of salted peanuts, 1 peanut butter cotton candy (SO good!), about 10 samples of Peanut Butter & Co. PB, and some coupons and peanut info. A GREAT haul!

  • Just got back from this exhibit. Wow! I got pre-sliced apples, creamy peanut butter spread, a kitchen mitt with peanuts on it, a stress ball in the shape of a peanut, peanut butter moon pie and peanut butter pretzel sanwiches. The best part is you can talk to actual peanut butter farmers. Best promotion I’ve seen in a while – I really give them credit.

  • I never stopped eating peanut products. Even the danger of death could not stop me.

  • I got the pre-sliced apples w/peanut butter spread, Peanut Butter Moon Pie, Peanut Butter Spreader and a smal bag of peanuts.

    Pretty cool but I didn’t see any of the other stuff you guys talked about :(

    They had some olympic medalist there and someone from the food network. They also had a peanut field where you can take a picture with a peanut mascot.

  • I once knew a peanut butter farmer who went out of biz, too many flat tires on the tractor from all that broken glass.

    FYI – there’s a new Five Guys in the Bayshore Mall in Milwaukee. Imagine my chagrin when I pulled off the highway only to be greeted by a half constructed store with a “Now Hiring” sign. I drowned my sorrows in 3 buck chuck (TJ is across the parking lot).

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