Wafels & Dinges No Longer in Midtown

The winner of ”Best Sweets” in the Midtown Lunch Readers’ Poll this past year used to spend a few days a week parked in Midtown, but now the famous yellow Waffle & Dinges truck is on its last legs. It will “remain stationary on 22nd and 7th during the week, with tow truck trips to Park Slope on the weekends.”  Midtown Waffle Fail! (Anybody know if that imposter waffle truck is still up near Blomingdales?) [Official Site via Eater]


  • That really sucks. Is the truck really unable to be repaired???

  • No wonder they weren’t in Midtown last week! They should really update their website. But anyway, those with an unlimited Metrocards, it’s less than 10 minutes from the Times Square station.

  • The Imposter Cart hasnt been seen since November or December in the Bloomies Area. Last I heard it was tooling up the throughway towards Westchester

  • I saw it down here on 22nd and 7th a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t open. Is it supposed to be open or are you saying that it’s just parked there?

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