Celebrity Apprentice Cupcake Episode Finally Airs

Remember when Celebrity Apprentice invaded Midtown to sell cupcakes back in October?  Well the episode finally aired last night, and Eat Me Daily has the whole video.  Do you see yourself taking a cupcake from Joan Rivers? The cupcake selling begins at 40:20. Sadly, Blondie and Brownie weren’t caught in this video.


  • That’s because we didn’t sign the release. I was so mesmerized by Joan Rivers’ face, I was ready to sign anything they handed to me, luckily Brownie intervened and said “NO! No release signing!”

  • My husband kept asking me “Why are you watching this?” and I told him I wanted to see if anybody I knew bought a cupcake. Plus I was mesmerized by Joan Rivers’ face as well. Her daughter is well on her way to looking just like her. Both teams’ cupcakes looked totally gross!

  • why no release signing?

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