At Lunch Now: Celebrity Apprentice Cupcake Truck


If Magnolia Bakery is wondering how to get more dudes into cupcakes, I think this may be the solution.  7th Ave and 46th St. is the place to be for fans C-List Celebs and cupcakes (until 2pm.) What more could you want? As we reported earlier, it’s some kind of Celebrity Apprentice thing- which is kind of funny if you think about it. Aren’t real entrepreneurs supposed to come up with the next big thing?

Photos courtesy of Nataki Hewling. More after the jump… 

Celebrity Apprentice Cupcakes

Celebrity Apprentice Cupcakes

Celebrity Apprentice Cupcakes

Celebrity Apprentice Cupcakes



  • Who are these so called “celebrities”?

    or is it a reality-show all-stars version?

  • I saw Joan Rivers…surrounded by drag queens. Eeek! Photos to come!

  • I went looking during my 10 minute lunch break and could not find any cupcake-toting playmates. I did come across a cranberry bog and free juice, almost as good I guess.

  • I missed the cranberry juice, but I did manage to stumble upon them on my way to get some street meat from 52-53st.

    At first I thought that they said that those cupcakes were a $5!!! I told them that I know that it’s tough times, but DAMN! That’s the cost of my entire lunch.

    After coming back from buying my food I was told by another one selling cupcakes that it was a kind of ‘name your price thing’ where I happily donated $2 and got a chocolate cupcake with massive chocolate chips on it. The lady yelling said I would go to heaven if I bought one… =/

    Though…they weren’t really that good. They had the butter, but I think she forgot one, essential, ingedient…FLAVOR.

  • I could make a comment about dumb models and shallow cupcakes.. but what’s the point.

  • I guess those models are OK … if you like girls

  • Is that C-list or C-cup celebrities?

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