Famous Dave’s BBQ to Open on March 10th


In case there was any question (I’m not sure there was), the new sign for Famous Dave’s BBQ on 47th btw. 6+7th confirms that this place is going to be a big box tourist magnet.  They’re shooting for a March 10th opening, and I got a sneak peak at a menu.  It’s surprisingly reasonable for a Times Square bbq joint, but still too expensive to be a proper Midtown Lunch.  Sandwiches are $11, with a special $13 “Texas Manhandler” consisting of Texas beef brisket *and* hot link sausages, topped with hellfire pickles (sounds like my kind of sandwich!) The rib plates are $13 to $23, and combo plates are $17 to $22.

Maybe they’ll add some sort of under $10 lunch special that isn’t on the menu… if not, I probably won’t be checking this place out.


  • This place will crash and burn fast. No way they can compete with Tad’s next door!

  • That’s so unfortunate… the ones in LI are super cheap for lunch.

  • I don’t think any of the tourist spots use actual wood. We had brisket here from somewhere and there wasn’t a smoke ring to be seen.

  • There used to be a Famous Dave’s in my little hick town in Michigan. Emphasis on the “used to be.”

    Frozen, pre-cooked barbecue served in a faux Western establishment by waitstaff that introduce themselves as “Hi, I’m Famous ______!” Yeah, it didn’t go over well. NYC deserves better.

  • I am sorry, I like Famous dave’s. Is it great BBQ no, but it sure taste good, and it is really cheap out of the city, do you have to pay more in manhattan, yes, but it is still a hell of a lot better then Dallas BBQ, and Virgils is not good at all, so yes if you want to head down to Rub, or hill country, or up to Dinasour will you get better bbq, of course, but that doesn’t mean if you are in the area and am hungry this isn’t a vital dinner option for tasty food. Yes the prices seem a little high but that is NYC

  • I cannot believe that ANYONE would eat “Famous Dave’s” crap.

    Jesus, Joseph and Mary, when I need a fix for good barbecue, I have Century 21′s private jet fly me down to Texas where I can get some really decent brisket, sausage, and ribs.

    PLEASE stop posting this disgusting stuff about being able to buy edible barbecue in NYC.

  • Famous Dave’s is the bomb!!
    Thanks for coming here, Dave!!
    (I don’t know what’s up with the detractors–maybe jealous.)

  • well – this place is literally across the street from where i live – so i will be checking this place out one of these days

  • hey this place is pretty damn good for BBQ, even for inside the city. But I’ve been to quite a few BBQ joints and FD’s was the only one that i liked. im sorry if the FD u went to didnt have the proper people to run the place. I’ve been to one so many times, the manager gave me a tour. Oh and for the guy that commented up there about briskit and no smoke ring, briskit dont show a smoke ring. ribs, butt pork, would cause, because its a lighter color meat which ables u to see the ring. This is what you people have to do all day. And i think the prices are fantastic for time square NYC!!!!!!!!!!

  • YES!!! I’ve tried several places in the city for BBQ (I still need to hit Dinosaur BBQ) – blue smoke, hill country, and some other famous one – and none of them compare to Famous Dave’s. For a chain, I don’t think it can be beat. I’m really stoked and will be frequenting it monthly.

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