Could Anyone Have Predicted the Popularity of Food Blogging? Future Man Did


Agreed. Twittering or blogging your breakfast is totally retarded. Now, lunch on the other hand. That is completely acceptable.


  • TK-Shoot us then. I’m a child of the 60′s, and such usage was very common back then. Words don’t change–peoples’ sensitivities do. And I’m tired of hearing how a zillion people are constantly offended by everything others say and do.

  • I like using f-tarded now… I knew there would eventually be someone rising up to complain about retarded as an insult! F-tards unite!

    Anyways, it’s the same as updating your Facebook status repeatedly through the day… not that I know ANYONE guilty of that, cough cough hackkk cough. Whatevs all us food bloggas are in need of attention obvs… hahaha

  • English is a living, breathing language – we get new words and redefine words all the time. Re: the word ‘retarded’ — Common or not, if you’re aware that it’s offensive to some, shouldn’t you show some form of restraint? Courtesy was also very common back.

  • Zach is showing his New England roots in his use of the “r” word. In the great white north it is very common for my people to declare something “wicked retarded” but to be fair it should be spelled more like “wikid retahded” is that less offensive? Or perhaps incriminating?

  • To lessen offense, on ML we should use linguistic reconstruction so the word retains it’s meaning, but applies more directly to the genre discussed

    I propose “vegtarded”

  • I just call them Spackers.

  • Sarah: “wikid retahded” — that’s exactly how I remember it. I would not be the person I am today if my sister didn’t remind me when I was acting wickid retahded!

  • I know that intelligent, well-educated people use “retarded” as an insult.

    I know that all kinds of people are sick of having their language criticized.

    I still defend the word because my daughter is mentally retarded and, for her sake, I like to see people use many of the other available words.

    Twittering one’s breakfast is fucked-up if you like. It sucks. It’s stupid. It’s silly. It’s nonsensical. It’s foolish. It’s…a hundred other words which are more accurate and, in some cases, even more shocking, if that’s what you intended to do.

    If you disagree, please just walk on by without comment.

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