Could Anyone Have Predicted the Popularity of Food Blogging? Future Man Did


Agreed. Twittering or blogging your breakfast is totally retarded. Now, lunch on the other hand. That is completely acceptable.


  • Twittering anything is totally retarded. But I’m sure I’ll be flamed by some avidly twittering losers.

  • I am a loser.

  • Guessing that probably makes me a loser too, Danny!

  • stevenp, brother, you & I have found common ground

    the only people stupider than those sending tweets are those following them

    kill it future man ! before it consumes us all !

  • What exactly IS the point of twitter? Do people really need to know that I’m on my 4th bite of paneer? I bet Mamacita is a twit…ter.

  • Social networking = Billy No-mates.

  • Anastasia….my fondness grows for you daily…

    M is definitely on that bus. bloggers like twitter because it satisfies their narcissistic need for attention faster than checking the user panel on their blog

  • I wish I had twitter so I could let everyone know how giddy I am that Wayne likes me.

  • Posting on here is technically social networking. Shaq was the 1st person I heard of being on Twitter. It’s nonsense..

  • Ana, I know where you live. Now quit bitching or we wont go to Applewood.

    Et tu Wayne?

  • I don’t get twitter either.

    Spam: I am commuting to work right now … it sucks
    @Spam: YES YES I know of this commuting as well. It sucks for me too.

  • Actually twittering is almost like having mini-blog …. and all the people who comment on your twittering times (twits?) are people who post comments on blog posts.

    Oh shiii….

  • I’m with dubbin’
    this website consumes my time just like twitter would.

  • Bright Side…Tomorrow is Pub Review Day!!!!

    Will the girls finally come to blows over fries?

    Will anyone turn up for stevenp?

    Will Zach buy that Hamptons beach house?

    Tune in Tomorrow.

    Or not…if you’re on twitter your Blackberry will fucking wake you.

  • PLEASE don’t say “retarded”. There are so many other words. PLEASE.

  • We’re going to Applewood?! You paying??? Don’t tell wayne.

  • wayne, we gotta grab a beer together at some Port Authority dive, now.

    What time Applewood tomorrow?

    MM: but you’re the *hottest* loser here….

  • Even better! stevenp and wayne are paying!

  • Done. What time?

  • It is *not* okay to use the word “retarded” as an insult.

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