Inakaya Opens to the Public on Thursday Night

It’s not cheap enough to be a Midtown Lunch, but if you are into robatayaki, the Japanese style of eating simple food grilled right in front of you, Inakaya is opening tomorrow night in the New York Times Building.  Eater has the first photos of the place, plus a look at their lunch menu. Sadly the lunch boxes are $18 to $32, but it looks like this place would be a fun splurge.


  • I found it interesting while doing that shoot last night how many people were walking by, looking in through the big windows. I think the foot traffic alone might bring in some good business.

    The waitstaff all yell loudly when certain items are ordered…kinda funny.

  • what is the difference between this and yakitori besides more money

  • dropping that kind of quid better make my dookie sparkle..

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