Your First Look at Flip Burger in Bloomingdales

Sign Translation: “Fuck You Midtown Lunch’ers Between 12-3:30″  Photo by Robyn Lee

A Hamburger Today was on hand for opening day of the new Flip Burger inside Bloomingdales (on Lexington btw. 59+60th) yesterday, and their report was less than stellar.  I don’t know how fair it is to judge a place on the first day they’re open, but if you’re into burger porn you may want to take a quick look. (Few do it better than Robyn Lee.) I was initially going to give them a chance, despite the prices, but now I don’t feel the need to rush over there. And that douchey sign above is enough to keep me away for now… early adopters/burger aficionados who can’t stay away- feel free to put your opinion in the comments.


  • That’s a pretty unwelcoming sign. Good to know the next place that’s going out of business in midtown.

  • i just ripped on flip as the most recession-unfriendly place i’ve ever seen. it’s abso-f’in-lutely ridiculous. i have an email into the general manager. can you say O-B-I-K-A? once they hype is gone and the food writers who eat 4 free are gone, this place will be psyched to serve someone a bottle of water. they can’t even sell clothes at 90% off at bloomie’s, who the hell’s eating a $20 burger? f them!

  • Lame….obviously management is too stupid to realize what lunchtime is all about. Zach, don’t give them any business, let the greedy whores die.

  • From the review: “Ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise were also complimentary.”

    Jesus christ, I’d freaking hope so!!! It’s mustard fur chistsakkes!!

    I hope Robyn charged this on the work expense account.

  • I just got lunch from Flip and its AWESOME. The GM & hostesses were amazing. They are all total foodies and gave me great suggestions. I’ll def be back. The only downfall was the bartender had the personality of a soggy noodle.

    The mac-n-cheese is worth it alone. I didn’t get a shake, but regretted not getting one.

  • @ Anonymous, i.e. Shilling Friend of GM — “They are all total foodies” — who gives a Flip! If the GM was a “foodie” then he would know better than to pull this BS with the opening of a restaurant. You regretted not getting a $7 or $8 shake. Dude, a burger + mac n cheese + shake + drink = $40.

  • Right on W&D!
    Yeah, and WTF is up with the lunchtime $15 minimum purchase???

  • Hell, I almost feel like going there, ordering less than $15, and either having my cheap lunch or walking the hell out of there when they refuse to serve me.

    Because I don’t get enough opportunities to be passive-aggressive in Midtown as it is. Sheesh.

  • ok, 1st things 1st…..these r good burgers…..they need music and a tv for chrissakes!!!!!!!!!!!! i sat at the bar as i was in a rush and told the bartender this, he was great in getting the food out, in like 5 mins! so that was great….he was friendly and not too bad looking which doesnt hurt! all in all, he gave me a button, thanked me and i was on my way to my miserable job….but at least lunch was good…..i’m gonna try and go back very soon….maybe flirt with the bartender some more….tho i may be old enough to be his mother!!!….all in all…a nice experience, and i recommend it to anyone who may be in the area…

  • I was visiting with my husband from out of town and decided to try the new burger place at Bloomingdales for lunch. our burgers were cooked to perfection and staff was pretty knowledgeable of the menu. the bartender was helpful in selecting a beer to compliment our burgers.
    only thing is it’s very pricey and in today’s ecomony, they should consider dropping the prices to make the visit more attractive.


  • How I wound up even walking into Bloomingdales is beyond me… actually it took a load of desperation.. was originally intending to go to the famed mexican cart on 60th and 3rd with a co-worker and to our disapppointment it wasn’t there (around 12:30). The only innovative back-up I could think of that was closest was the burger joint in Bloomies (aka Flip). Place was maybe half-full, so why they impose a $15 min is beyond me. But I will admit the burgers in all their varieties were quite interesting.. plus tons of sauces to choose from.. and bread choices too. I’m not doing a whole breakdown of the menu, but I’ll mention I totally enjoyed my ground lamb sausage burger ontop of a slightly spicey cheese bread.. oh and garlic aioli. We shared a hardy portion of sweet potato fries which were fantastic. Yes, everything was a bit overpriced (heck, my iced tea was $4.00… F-O-U-R dollars!!) but i guess that’s the price you pay for ordering iced tea with a burger (there goes my manhood). Sadly, that area is a bit of a deadzone as far as affordable and fast midtown lunches are concerned (guess its on the outer-limits) but it is a tasty (slightly overpriced, but fun) option. Let’s just hope the mexican cart is back in place next time i venture to that realm.

  • It’s over 2 1/2 years later, and this DB establishment is still there. Amazing. I hated it:
    Seriously. Ass.

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