Confirmed: Five Guys is Back Open

Photo by occam

The Five Guys (on 55th btw. 5+6th) has been confirmed by lunch’er Daniel, who sent along this photo. Menchanko Tei, which is just to the West and was closed by the same fire last month, is saying they will reopen in March.

Fire Closes Menchanko Tei & Five Guys


  • Hoo-ray! I can’t wait to go tomorrow.

  • My GAWD! Are you serious? Five Guys is back up and running?

    That is the GREATEST NEWS that I have had all day!

    I will be driving into the city and treating my wonderful (autisitc) kids to a 5 Guys burger with my stamps.

    You see, and they say there is no GOD!

    Thank you for the heads-up!

    PS – Happy FAT FRIDAY!

  • In the spirit of Ben today : JerzeeTomato = DocChuck (or rather one of his many pseudonyms)

  • FRED — thank you very much for your input (BULLSHIT), but I am NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN connected in any way whatsoever with ‘DocChuck’.

    So go back to your trailer park in HOTlanta and leave me alone.

    Jerzee Tomato

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