Ordering the Kids Meal is the Only Way to Make Flip a Midtown Lunch

Grub Street has your first look at Flip, the new burger joint that is supposed to open today inside of Bloomingdales (on Lex. btw. 59+60th).  They also posted a copy of the menu, and the cheapest burger on there (a plain short rib blend or brisket blend burger) is $12.  Toppings are $2 each (like a fried egg, or bacon), and cheese is $1.  Order one of the signature pre-designed burgers, and it will cost you $16 to $23. The sauces, one free per burger, look pretty damn good though… so I may have to suck it up and drop the $15 to try this place.  There is however, a kids menu where you can get sliders, fries, soda and a cookie for $9.  I wonder how strict they’ll be with the “Ages 10 and Under” rule.  (My baby is under 10 years old, and I’m not afraid to use him!)


  • kids are so useful; i’ll have to look into buying one.

  • @blondie, i know a good place to buy them… let me know

  • expensive burgers are so sad :(

  • i’m gonna have to call bullshit on this place. will check out today and report back. opens right in the middle of a deep recession and charges those prices. unbelievable. a cheeseburger, fries and a beer here will be at the very least $25 (not including tip or tax). cocktails start at $11 and go to $14. milkshakes are $7. iced tea and lemonade are $4. who the f are they kidding. i hate this place already. where’s richard blais’ flip burger? this place sucks.

  • In my experience, most restaurants with kids meals have been very strict about the under 10 rule.

  • Grrr…priced out yet again.

    Maybe I can abduct a sub-10-year-old for a lunch excursion here.

    Wined&Dined, let me know if the food is worth the mandatory minimum 3-4 years.

  • So if i took Mamacita,anastasia and wayne………we’d have to pay fall price for Wayne?


  • *Full


  • If a kid’s meal is $9, Jenn will be charged $6

  • Look at it this way, Rudy…you’d get the senior citizen discount. :)

  • 39!

  • I for one intend to try a shortrib burger, then perhaps the nextday for an “exotic”.

  • Ha! Rudy, when you said “39!” it reminded me of Patsy from AbFab “I’m Forty Two!!!”

  • good food/fast seating/faster service/the shakes were wonderful/had a great time, all in bloomies!

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    what is the difference between this “NEW” basement burger place at bloomingdales and the one that has been there for about two years?

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