Flip Bringing More La Frieda Burgers to Midtown on Monday

TONY is reporting that Flip, the new burger place in Bloomingdales (on 3rd or Lex btw. 59+60th), is set to open on Monday (2/23). It will feature “three different Pat LaFrieda beef blends—hearty (short rib), sweet (brisket) and refined (Wagyu)—With toppings like a fried egg, chili, Canadian bacon, and multiple cheeses.” My heart hopes that these burgers will be under $10, but my brain says there is no way.  And here I was thinking that the black label at City Burger was the last over $10 burger I’d be splurging on (what can I say? I’m a sucker for the fried egg topped burger.) [via Eater]


  • Methinks the time to open such places was last year. In this economy, I don’t see this business model as sustainable. FAIL.

  • It’ll die on its arse…… are these People opening Aston Martin dealerships in Newark too?


  • I don’t know… burgers seem pretty recession proof. I need to know how much they’re going to cost before I pass judgement

  • 9:41 was me…. :)

  • So tempting…I’ll probably shell out for one (with fried egg, of course) if it’s sub $12. With fries, presumably.

    Good burgers are hard to come by in Midtown Nor-East.

  • Bloomies is full of tourists, women w/ welding glasses/ugg’s and gay men. If you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for purses, shoes and accessories, you can easily justify sitting at the counter on your Blackberry whilst enjoying a premium beef patty.

  • Rudy–We know. The ‘arse’ was a dead giveaway!

  • grub street just put up a menu, way way out of midtown lunch price, the cheapest burger would be $12 with no cheese, fries drink or anything. cheese a dollar, toppings like the egg another $2.

  • tasty burgers, tasty fries, tasty shakes. great waitresses, great managers, great hostess and bartenders. everybody was super nice!

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