Five Guys May Reopen Tomorrow; Menchanko Tei 1-2 Weeks Away

Thanks to Lunch’er Harry who sent along this photo of the window of Five Guys on 55th btw. 5+6th, which along with Menchanko Tei was closed three weeks ago by a fire in the building above.


“I walked by Five Guys today and I noticed it was clean, with the lights on, and a huge stack of potato sacks. Then I saw this sign. It says that they will be open by the end of the week and that they’re waiting for Con Ed to turn the gas on. Considering today is Thursday, maybe it will be tomorrow.”

I called Menchanko Tei, and they said it will still be another week or two before they reopen. This is actually a reversal from what we heard in the immediate days following the fire. Five Guys said they would be closed 4 to 6 weeks (it’s been 3), and Menchanko Tei said they hoped to be open the very next week.

If you work near there, let us know if it’s back open by commenting, emailing, or twittering… as soon as it’s confirmed open, we’ll post it. (After all… friday is a big hamburger day for Midtown Lunchers.)


  • On Tuesday I walked by and heard an employee tell someone they’d open yesterday…yesterday I went and it was closed. I called today and they told me tomorrow or the weekend, so I went to City 75 instead. They have no f’in clue when they are going to open.

  • I will NOT be able to sleep tonight until I know the very minute and hour that the hamburger joint will open.

    Fortunately, my wife is a NEUROSURGEON, and will be able to furnish me with the proper sedatives to help my slumber, while contemplating this momentous event,

    Thanks, Midtown Lunch, for the ‘Heads Up.’

  • You are one f*cked individual.

  • Can’t wait for that login system Zach. Can’t wait.

  • Dear Ben,

    Please hold your breath.

    Thank you


    The sentient world

  • He ain’t the only one, you anonymous twit.

  • I tried Five Guys for the first time in of all places Vero Beach FL about three weeks ago. I am drooling like a mastiff awaiting the reopen here.

  • Still looking forward to the required logins, Zach

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