Cartwatch: What Happened to the Carribean Spice Cart

This question was posted in the comments the other day about the Carribean Spice Cart, which used to park on 46th btw. 6+7th (next to the Biryani Cart.) “What happened to these girls? Anyone know where they went? The cart has not been there for several months.”

I checked with Meru from the Biryani Cart who said that last he heard their permits had expired, and they were trying to get them renewed. That cart was fine, and I liked that they had roti… but if you’re really missing them, there is always the Jamaican Dutchy Cart (on 51st and 7th).

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  • That spot was taken over by “Biryani Cart: Sandwich Land” which now has it’s own Midtown Lunch Special Burger with caramelized onions and bbq sauce. I tried to get it but they gave me a regular cheeseburger instead.

  • YOU LIE!!!

  • @Tom – Yeah, I hit that up yesterday and the same thing happened to me. Full report tomorrow.

    (Also if you want to get technical, the Carribean Spice cart was to the west of the original Biryani Cart… the new sandwich cart is to the East. Just an fyi so people aren’t confused.)

  • Okay, apparently no lie. Damn, need to try this cart on Friday then. :)

  • CS is back, at least it has been “west of Biryani cart” for the past few days, maybe more.

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