Ask ML: Can You Get a Sabich in Midtown?

After seeing Robyn Lee’s amazing looking write up of the “sabich” from Taim on Serious Eats New York, I am now on a quest to find one of these sandwiches in Midtown.  Described as a pita “stuffed with thick rounds of fried egglant that melt like butter, along with a sliced hard boiled egg, hummus, Israeli salad (diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and parsley in a lemon mint dressing), marinated cabbage, tahini, and amba (pickled mango sauce).”  Oh my lord. I know Olympic Pita has a mango sauce, but there is nothing called a “sabich” on their menu.  Has anybody had one of these in Midtown before?  Must… have… now. [Photo courtesy of Robyn Lee]


  • I think you can get one at Grill 44, the strange split Middle Eastern/Indian food joint on 44th bet Lex and 3rd.

  • you may be able to get something very similar at Azuri Cafe on 51st bet. 9th and 10th. (out of bounds, I know, but they are great)

  • As Hedly Lamarr said in Blazing Saddles: “Too Jewish.”

  • Must smell like a kosher apocalypse coming out of you later on..

  • Jewish Virgin : Ms. Hymeni Intactowitz.

    ok ok gonna bed

  • is there a chickpea in midtown? the place on 6th/22nd has a “chickplant” sandwich that matches this description pretty closely. and they’ve got the mango sauce too

  • IMO chickpea has gone way downhill since the ownership change and the whole baked thing — which I skeptical of

    I had a falafel @ the chelsea location that was crap the other day
    No midtown locations.

    Tahini on St Marks remains ok however

  • I had one at Taim before. Afterwards I was craving the fried eggplant. It’s not the breaded kind. The egg is organic and is suprisingly delicious for just a hard boiled egg. I tried going to that Prince Deli or the one next to it, where you can make your own falafel, but it’s not the same.

  • Found it –

    Is 51st/52nd & 9th Ave out of bounds?

  • @win – that’s hilarious! I just had lunch there on Saturday… it might be worth going the extra avenue!

  • Zach, just how many lunches do you have on an average day? ;^)

  • @stevenp – well, I live in HK so my saturday lunch at Hummus Kitchen wasn’t for ML… but I will admit that this sandwich challenge thing is pushing me to the limit

  • Well Zach, if you need help taking down some of these sandwiches I’m here for ya. Friends don’t let friends pig out alone ;-)

  • I don’t know whether the midtown location of Olympic Pita has it, but I know for a fact the branch on University Place does, so I bet you can get the midtown one to make it for you. As I recall, it was a permanent special, not on the regular menu, so you might not be able to find it online.

  • that’s really a beautiful looking photo!

  • Checked Olympic Pita midtown today. They don’t have it.

  • @Daniel…surely if it was in B/W and tilted at an angle…it could be further enhanced? :)

  • Had the $8.50 lunch special today – Sabih and Bureka. The Sabih was pretty tasty and very filling; Bureka (stuffed fried puff pastry) was ok. They included 2 types of green sauce as well. I’d definitely go back.

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