Only You Can Save Kwik Meal’s New Cart

We’re hearing that Muhammad Rahman, the owner of the Kwik Meal carts, is very distraught over some of the complaints that were posted in the comments of this site regarding the chewiness of the lamb at his new Quick Delight cart on 45th and 3rd Ave. (It also seems to be why there was some Quick Delight shilling going on last week.) Despite the fact that it was just one or two non-believers, and everybody else seems to love Kiwk Meal’s lamb (the only lamb in Midtown that is actual lamb, and not gyro meat), he seems convinced this is the reason that business at the new cart has been slow. In fact he is so distraught over it, we hear he has fired his lamb supplier for what he claims was a bad batch of lamb.

Muhammed himself actually went so far as to post this in the comments:

“I am Muhammed Rahman, I own three carts. Quick Delight on 3rd avenue 45th street Kwik Gourmet on 47 and Park avenue and Kwik meal on 6th avenue and 45th street. If anyone was not satisfied with our service, please call me at    (646) 729 8702   .”

It’s not all fun and games though. He told a customer that he may move the cart if business doesn’t pick up.

In the comments from a lunch’er:

“Had the lamb and rice today. I’m now a big fan of the green sauce. I also prefer the chunks of lamb over the gyro. Muhammad was there telling me about the “chewy lamb” problem and the supplier change and how [he thinks] business is down because of that. He said he might not be able to keep the cart in that location if business does not pick up. I’d like to see him survive because its pretty convenient for us East Siders. For what it’s worth, I thought the lamb was fine.”

I don’t know whether to urge east siders to patronize this cart, or just try to console Muhammed by explaining that business is down everywhere when it’s 5 degrees out, the economy is terrible, and it takes time for word to get out about a new cart. Maybe the nice weather we’ve been having will help…


  • I noticed yesterday after picking up my veggies and rice from the east side cart that it had a sign saying to call him if anything was bad.

    I love the location, its on my regular rotation now.

  • Last time I had the lamb from the 45/6th cart I got the bad dose. It was definitely not only tough/chewy, but the consistency seemed off too. Not bad tasting at all – just bad mouthfeel, kind of gummy. Glad Mr. Rahman cared enough to take action. He’s a hands on guy and it’s great.

    And maybe moving that east side cart is the right answer – can’t trust those spoiled east siders y’know

  • Zach – is it possible to do something so that Mr. Rahman’s phone number isn’t sitting out there in cyberspace where all kinds of phishing and spamming programs will bombard his phone with calls and texts all day and night? Not a tech guy–just asking.

    He’s obviously a stand up guy.

  • I’ll to go the 45th and 6th location today to “test” the lamb. Also I’ve also heard rumors about the Treats Truck, it may need “testing” too. And maybe a kati roll from briyani cart on my back to make sure they haven’t gone downhill either . . .

  • Is he being unfairly lamb-asted? (gets me coat)

  • I’m a few blocks away from this cart. I can say that this area is bustling with $5 street meat carts… His is $7… and while we all know its REAL lamb meat… Most people probably aren’t aware and find the price a tad high… Maybe a price decrease might help business temporarily.

  • fiiiiine, way to make me feel bad for being a lamb-degrader. i’m going back today to give ‘em another chance (but i don’t know if i can convince my coworker who also got the chewy stuff to go back with me). i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say i must have gotten some of the “bad batch” last time. i’m all for supporting street vendors, so i really am hoping i get the good lamb this time. *crosses fingers*

  • I eat Kwik Meal 2-3 times a week, and, while I don’t always get the lamb, I have never once had this “bad batch.” The lamb is $7.50, but the chicken over rice is easily the best I’ve ever tasted at $6.00. The falafells have been spot on recently too. Anyway, I’m sure business will pick up when the temperature does. Who likes waiting for food in the freezing cold (I seem to have no problem with it).

  • I’m generally somebody who complains portions are too large. But I think Kwik Meal has the opposite problem. It APPEARS that the amount is very stingy, especially for the price. In fact, when I received my lamb chicken combo, I thought he forgot to put the rice in because I felt my food rattle around in the extra-large sized container of his. So people will get the impression that it’s not a good value compared to the other chicken/lamb carts. And I was surprised that I got hardly any rice. I usually make at least two meals from those carts, but I couldn’t do it with this one.

    My opinion is to get a smaller container, add more rice (it’s cheap) and keep the same amount of meat. Even though it may cost a bit more than the other carts, it will still appear as it will be a better value. Seems that these days, that’s what people are looking for.

  • Does anyone know about the Kwik cart that was on 45th street and 5th ave? Is it still there?

  • @Win – It’s not still still there… that was Kwik Meal 2, and it was stolen.

  • I was thrilled when Kwik opened near my office. Frankly, we have no good street carts in this area of midtown. I find Mr. Rahman to be friendly and I find his food to be well above average for street food. I hope he doesn’t move his cart because frankly, he would be sorely missed!!!

  • Thanks Zach. I use to work a block from Kwik Meal 2 … too bad it was stolen. That was/is a great location .. Muhammad should move his cart from 3rd ave to 5th ave if business is really that slow.

  • If there was ever a midtown lunch film festival, I’d have to recommend Man Push Cart. Not to be a spoiler, but the stolen cart story….

  • Saw man push cart. Didn’t like the ending.

  • i got the lamb pita from the cart on 45th at 3rd on wednesday. the chunks of lamb were really tasty – nicely marinated, good flavor. loved the chunky orange-ish hot sauce and the thick yogurt sauce – so much better than the thin “white sauce” from a squirt bottle you get at other carts. i could see how someone might still think the “new” lamb is a little chewy compared to a perfectly seared baby lamb chop or a leg that’s been slow-cooked all day long. or compared to all the bland, mushy corn-fed beef to which our american palates have become accustomed. but to me the cart’s lamb has the texture of real meat, and it’s neither too chewy nor too soft.

    i do think that there could be a way to make the cart more visible – it’s on the SE corner of 45th & 3rd, just far enough up 45th that it’s easy not to notice it while walking down 3rd. plus at lunchtime that spot is in the shadow of the surrounding buildings which doesn’t help either. i only found it the first time because i heard about it on this site and went looking for it.

  • I confirmed the lamb pita at 45th and 6th is still amazingly good. I have also confirmed the mexican hot chocolate and pecan brownie at Treats Truck are up to snuff.

  • Muhammad – move back to 5th ave – much more convenient for me than 47th and Park or 45th and 6th … or better yet, 41st and Madison can use you.

  • just tried this cart and I have to admit, I like the gyro type lamb meat better. plus, $7 for a meat on rice from a cart is pretty steep. just because they put it in a clear plastic container doesn’t make it better. portions are better at other carts too.

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