Dutchy Answers Challenge With Two Sandwiches (and One is Vegetarian!)

A new day, brings another sandwich entry in the Midtown Sandwich Challenge. Actually… another *two* sandwiches. That’s right. The Jamaican Dutchy cart (on 51st & 7th) has created two sandwiches, and one of them is the first vegetarian entry in the challenge. Although the spirit of the challenge is to create something outrageous and unhealthy, that shouldn’t disqualify the sandwich from being vegetarian. And I commend the Dutchy for coming up with a sandwich that allows people who don’t eat meat to take part in our fun sandwich taste off. It also helps that the vegetarian sandwich is freakin’ good.

Check them both out after the jump… 


Early on in the challenge a commenter suggested that the Dutchy should do a jerk chicken sandwich on coco bread, and quite frankly, why would they not? So here it is… the Dutchy’s jerk chicken sandwich on wheat coco bread. Tasty… spicy… delicious. And at $5, it’s tough to complain. It’s a boneless, skinless chicken breast so it’s nowhere near as tasty or moist as the regular jerk chicken from the Dutchy (bones + fatty skin = deliciousness) but it’s still good enough. And if you consider this an issue they’ll be happy to pour some of the jerk sauce over the chicken in the sandwich (something I highly recommend). You also have to like coco bread as well, which is a thicker breadier kind of affair (kind of like challah or egg bread). I’m totally down. Lettuce, tomato and hot sauce round out the nicely spiced sandwich. Surprisingly though, the vegetarian sandwich is kind of where it’s at…


…if for no other reason then I’m not convinced this doesn’t have any meat in it! The Dutchy does the same thing as the jerk chicken sandwich, but instead of chicken they used a baked tofu thing that’s been cut into strips. More the consistency of tempeh (if you’ve ever had that) the tofu is meaty and really flavorful, and ends up being a little more moist than the jerk chicken. If you are a meat lover through and through, this is not going to be a substitute- but for those who are into garden burgers, and vegetarian options- this one is top notch. (I’m still not convinced there’s no meat in it… it’s that flavorful!) Also $5, and it comes on the same coco bread, with lettuce, tomato, and hot sauce. Not the biggest sandwiches in the world, but for $5 you have plenty left under the $10 cap for some chips… or fried plantains.

Jamaican Dutchy Cart, NE Corner of 51st Street & 7th Avenue


  • OMG… you just changed my life! (or at least my lunch plans…) Finally something different for a vegetarian for lunch!

  • Wishing 7th Ave wasn’t so far away. Vegetarian sandwich bides well for the fat vegetarian kid.

  • …hate to say this…but the veggie sarnie looks o…..no no cant do it…..must ..fight.. the.. Light.. side.

  • OMG! OMG! Cant! Speak! Words! Ack!

  • Eating the veggie version now – awesome!!

  • Veggifirm’d

  • wow. just wow.

    i know where i’m having lunch tomorrow.

  • I might try the veggie….looks real good.

  • had the jerk chicken sandwich today. pretty good. they should put some of the cabbage on it instead of lettuce and tomato. it feels like they put l&t on it because they think that’s what people want on sandwiches, when in fact, l&t is a waste of perfectly good sandwich space.

  • i have one word for the jerk chicken sandwich:


  • I had the veggie version for lunch and it is pretty blah.

  • @Mattt – Dude, I was totally thinking the same thing! I asked the Dutchy and they said they would totally substitute cabbage for the lettuce and tomato if you ask…

  • @zach — great minds, er, i mean stomachs, think alike. i will definitely ask next time.

  • I finally got to try the chicken sandwich today. It’s an OK sandwich. The bread and the sauce are what make it decent. The bread was super fresh. The chicken is a little slim.

    I had the Hominy porridge with it. The porridge is actually something special. It’s sweet and has great texture. It tasted sort of like a sweet oatmeal. It’s very filling and I loved it.

  • My co-worker and I went there at noon yesterday and to our surprises, the guy said there were no jerk chicken sandwich, only vegetarian. Can somebody tell me if they stopped selling it (b/c they could not make any money out of it)? if they do not sell it anymore, they should have taken it out of the midtown lunch challenge list. otherwise, it’s misleading and time-consuming for somebody to walk 10 blocks and receive a No for a jerk chicken sandwich.

  • I just went there today…I read about the vegetarian option and was pretty excited about it. I gotta say, it wasn’t that great. The bread was really dry and crumbly and the lettuce was useless and tasteless. I wish they would change it up because I did think the tofu was good and contrary to some other comments, didn’t seem particularly meaty. I suppose there’s a reason that it’s 5 bucks…I’d rather walk 3 more blocks down to Azuri (51st/10th) for a falafel, which is now $6.50

  • If it’s possible to fall in love with a sandwich, I have. The vegetarian sandwich, with the cabbage is awesome. I’ve had it 2 days in a row now, and it’s fulling and spicy and the textures are spot on. Can’t beat the price- $5!

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