The Adorable Side of Midtown Lunch’ing

What would we do without the precious Blondie and Brownie, who today have unearthed the cutesy side of Midtown Lunch’ing that few of us would dare trek into. I suppose I could see myself buying some of these Treats Truck valentine’s day cookies for my wife, but eating at McDonald’s for a¬†Hello Kitty Watch? I don’t think so. (Spongebob watches… that’s a different story.) For those who are interested, the McDonalds on 42nd & Madison doesn’t have them, but the one on 47th btw. Mad+5th does. [Blondie and Brownie]


  • awww.
    Almost too pretty to eat!
    Glad these didn’t end up on the sidewalk like the last dessert truck cookies.

  • I used to collect McDonalds happy meal toys and they usually will just sell you one for $1. No eating gross food necessary.

  • I used to collect the knickers of past lovers.

    No phone calls necessary.

  • I have the entire series of mini beanie babies….they’re for sale… any takerS?

  • Sorry McBeagle, but one does not need to have earned two PhDs to realize that ‘zero’ is not a ‘collection’.

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