Midtown Lunch’s Buffet Team Springs Into Action


Anybody who thinks you can’t navigate an all you can buffet with a two month old strapped to your chest, has never met me before.  I mean it’s either that or miss out on Bombay Bistro, a brand new Indian buffet on 52nd btw. Lex+3rd.  Clearly, not going was never going to be an option. Full report coming soon.  (Early adopters, just an FYI… the buffet is $10.95, but I think it’s been well stated on numerous occasions that I will go up to $11 for an all you can eat buffet.)

At Lunch Now: Midtown Lunch’s Buffet Team Has Doubled


  • Aw, Zach. I really need to track down that poseur!

    Sorry… comments should be at least loosely related to the post they appear on. Or at least be in reference to a conversation going on in the comments. I’m going to try and crack down on random postings about things that have nothing to do with ML. -Zach

  • Finally.

  • Thank god, finally!

  • This is the very best news to ever come out of this blog…..that DocChuck will either get topical or get deleted.

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