Midtown Lunch’s Buffet Team Springs Into Action


Anybody who thinks you can’t navigate an all you can buffet with a two month old strapped to your chest, has never met me before.  I mean it’s either that or miss out on Bombay Bistro, a brand new Indian buffet on 52nd btw. Lex+3rd.  Clearly, not going was never going to be an option. Full report coming soon.  (Early adopters, just an FYI… the buffet is $10.95, but I think it’s been well stated on numerous occasions that I will go up to $11 for an all you can eat buffet.)

At Lunch Now: Midtown Lunch’s Buffet Team Has Doubled


  • At least tell us what’s on the plate, damn you!

  • Awe he’s all grown up in his snugli!
    Did he try the curry yet?

  • dude he’s awake. that curry flavor woke him up.

    you’ve been training him well.

  • too cute!

  • Just FYI, Zach. You should do this as often as possible while the baby is still so light and portable (and sleeps so often!). When they get to be about two, kiss eating in restaurants goodbye for a while.

  • I assume he’s on the all-you-can-eat milk plan right now?

  • Don’t torture the poor guy with indian curry smells!!!!! You will make him sick!!!! If you want to do him justice, take him to Hill Country BBQ, or an equally cool bbq place, for lunch! While he can’t eat anything, the smokey smell will make him happy!

  • I think i’m more impressed that he was able to pull off a pic while holding a baby, a plate of food AND a camera. Zach has got to be some sort of superman. Or octoman. Or something.

  • Why are you carrying Stevenp around?

  • When the bambino is a little older, you should definitely ask the chef for some plain dal (no seasonings other than maybe salt), some ghee, and rice, all mushed up. It’s standard baby food in (at least South) India. The chef should understand what you’re asking for. My parents fed it to me when I was a wee thing and frankly I still love it…

  • Little Harry looks awe-struck by all that food!

  • Hey Mcbeagle: It beats having to walk!!

  • xxxooo for Harry!

  • Zach… What a cheap shill to show off the new memeber… lol j/k… the look on his face is priceless…Great picture for a caption contest.

  • that baby looks DELICIOUS

  • is this the new indian spot in the old avon bistro space?

  • haha zach you are my hero.

  • He’s clearly thinking: “Get me the hell outta here!!! I just want my Gerbers!”

  • what a bald little baby

  • Oh, he looks adorable! You can probably start him out on dal, rice, and kheer for his sweet tooth (er, sweet gums!) in about four months.

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