Do You Have Fewer Friends Because Of Midtown Lunch?

From Lunch’er Sarah in the comments: “My coworkers are… all hip young ladies who live in Brooklyn, but given a choice where would they eat lunch? Subway, Burger King, Cosi if they’re feeling fancy. About the closest we can come to making each other happy is ordering from Guy and Gallard, and that’s just wrong. Also they have stopped asking me where to eat b/c I’m always like “oh I read about this awesome Peruvian Chicken place that is totally cheap!” and that is not a satisfactory answer.”  Related: Quality vs. Company. The Loneliness of Midtown Lunching


  • LoL I’m known as like some vagabond, nomad, traveling luncher here at work just because I’m willing to walk to places like margon, kims aunt, etc … meanwhile i work next to grand central. They make my trips seem like rigorous marathons but i usually take no more then 25-30 minutes out of my hour lunch to go to and come back with some fine food. Alls well, they can continue to eat at such mediocre delis like old bridge, cosi, bistro, etc…

  • Other Sarah, your friends suck. And are considerably less hip than they think they are, if they are eating at BK out of preference.

  • your hip young bk friends are clearly not so hip..

  • Hey Zach, I’ll second the “use your powers to get a Jack-in-the-Box” opened up in midtown. I’ll add requests for Chick-Fil-A and In-n-Out Burger. And heck, why not a Sonic while we’re at it? The power of Zach should NOT be underestimated!!!!

  • How about not using any “powers” to bring more freaking chains to midtown.

    How short are people’s attention spans around here? Even the chains that make “good” food kill the little guys that make great food.

    And regional chains never manage to stay true to their roots once they go national, anyway, so what’s the point?

  • @ Chip Beef – you’re totally right. And, fyi to all, Chick-Fil-A is operated by radical right-wing evangelicals that give substantial contributions to Repub party. They also attempted to brainwash my HS friends with a constant loop of Veggie Tales in the break room…lol.

    That said, I really do love their waffle fries. Where to get good waffle fries in this city?! Sigh.

  • and to think how many people I’ve converted on the strength of Tio Pio alone. anyone who can’t see the awesome in that place, isn’t a friend.

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