Midtown Links (The ‘Hot Pho’ Edition)


  • Nice weekend everyone…cept gay superman.

    And the Arkansas Pikey.

  • Every time I thank Zach for ignoring Gay Superman he brings the leotarded homo back the following Friday.

  • C’Mon, I know you guys love me. Don’t hate, appreciate.

  • Gay super ‘man’: Bollocks you’re blog is just of you and your drunken ideas you must be 300lbs by now…you and ya Yorkie terrier ‘Brother’

  • Y’know how they say the food-blogshere is wildly overpopulated, how every asshole & their brother has a food blog ?

    Every single person who said that – said it after they saw NYC Food Guy aka Gay Super Blog

  • Rudy & Wayne,

    If you guys ever decide to give up your obviously successful heckling careers and contribute to the food conversation, there’s always a place at NYCFoodGuy.com for you to write. I think if you guys channeled just a bit of the anger and energy used to write pointless comments into something productive even you could be surprised by the results.

  • Bitch.

  • Have no fear, gay supermans little yorkie terrier brother is here.

    What the hell does that even mean? Am I supposed to be krypto, supermans dog? At a lean 6’3” 195 pounds I stay fit by eating all this food and going to the gym instead of calling people gay on food blogs all day.

    And I don’t have a blog I just comment on my brothers.

    How sad must you two be to heckle one of the legends of getting girls on a great food blog? Seems more like “Lil” waynes been porkin rudy in his McBagel hole.

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