Free Sandwich Alert

Multiple sources have emailed me this buy one get one free PDF coupon for Cosi, but strangely it says “No Reproduction or Internet Distribution Allowed”.  So, just to be clear, I’m not “distributing” it, but merely posting it to pose the question: How do they expect people to get a PDF if not over the internet?  Please don’t download or distribute this coupon.  I am merely posting it for demonstration only.  Got that people?  Demonstration.  (Please don’t sue me, Cosi.)


  • I may have to “pose this question” to my coworker… say around lunchtime?

  • Sweet! Are all locations in the ML area “participating”?

  • Hmmm… But where did the PDF come from? It looks like it was scanned from an original (e.g. a newspaper circular). This looks like YMMV. If anyone conducts an “experiment” to test a certain “theory,” please post in comments regarding the results of the experiment.

  • Im Sure DDR or wined & dined will Defenmd you in court,Zach.

  • i can confirm that they have been taking this coupon – printed off the internet. ive used it maybe ten times already but i figure thats about to come to an end.

  • Once in awhile, Cosi prints these coupons in a local paper, Metro or Village Voice, or AM. I forget which.

  • I might have Printed this and might go to Cosi to see if they take it… But I’m Downtown. I’ll let ya know.

  • Before I walk down there and get thrown out ala Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop, has this worked?

  • Jesus Wept…coupon day at MTL….

    All to gether now…’We are the world…weee arree the Children..we are the ones that see a brighter day sooo let start givvinnggg’

    Bright Side…no concorde…so no phil collins to Fuck up the Led Zep set.

  • thanks for the tip… coupon works! no questions asked.

  • Mad props to Zach! The hardest part was trying to figure out the bloody menu. I found some girl’s phone on the walk down and was rewarded $20. So I am actually up $13 for lunch, ha ha! This flatbread pizza is delicious, but it’s ludicrous to pay $7 for it.

  • It worked for me today. I forwarded the .pdf to everyone in my company.

    I won’t use it again. Neither the sandwich nor the salad were worth $4 after discount, or the paper it was printed on.

  • i was at the cosi yesterday downtown on broad st and pretty much everyone in line had a printed out version of the coupon. i think i was the only one that had the actual coupon from the AMNY, which they only printed one day a couple weeks ago.

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