First Look: Schnipper’s Cheesy Joe

Schnipper's Quality Kitchen

Last friday I spotted the “Mac & Joe” creation at Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen, the new self service diner at the bottom of the New York Times Building, but didn’t get a photo because they ran out of sloppy joe before I got to the front of the line.  In my excitement for half mac and cheese/half sloppy joe, I completely missed the “Cheesy Joe” which, based on this photo uploaded to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Pool by Ann Darsh, looks to be a sloppy joe sandwich, topped with cheese.  Considering that the mac and cheese looked to be more cheese than mac, I’m guessing this is pretty much the same as the mac & joe, just in sandwich form.  Either way it looks like a hot mess, in the best possible way, and has reinvigorated me to return to Schnipper’s ASAP to try it out.  You can read more about it on Darsh Eats.


  • Im Sorry….but that looks like a double Whopper with Ebola.

  • Looks like they only give you about 4 rings.

  • Looks like its going to come out the EXACT same way.

  • It looks so good–but again–11 bucks for a sloppy joe with onions rings is STEEEEP! I mean, they’re not using the darn black label mix to make the sloppy joe! Ground beef is dirt cheap! Even quality ground beef if you buy it in any type of bulk. I strongly believe you can make a good profit without raping people’s wallets. Volume people–volume!!!!

    I think this goat needs to open his own cart up and start robbing NYers blind, I mean vending quality product, with just slightly less overpriced fare….I have made so many special “Midtownlunchesque” sandwiches myself, but since I don’t have a vendor license, I am SOL….

  • Hot mess ?

    Looks more like a Hot Carl to me

  • Wow that looks intense. Have you had sloppy joes at Millburn Delicatessen?

  • @ Sarah: Milburn NJ Milburn???

  • How are you even supposed to pick that up?

  • You dont pick that up. you just scoop it into your mouth with your fingers, and use the bread to mop up the last bites.

  • I had a Mac & Joe for lunch today. It doesn’t come with a bun, so watch out for that. Mac & Cheese is good, Sloppy joe is good. Together? Not so good. It’s not the place’s fault (mostly), but the sloppy joe meat is so powerful it drowns out the mac & cheese. I found a better experience eating the two parts separately.

  • they should serve that with tater tots

  • wayne wins.

  • Monique, I love you.

  • if they serve it with tater tots, they might as well call this place Sonics Drive-in

  • Hey Sarah – I think I understand your Millburn NJ reference, but the originator of the sloppy joe was in the 30s by Town Hall Deli in South Orange NJ. Millburn’s might be better though – they get a ton more traffic, so everything is fresh.

    To clarify for everyone else, the original sandwich called a sloppy joe is much different from the manwich looking sloppy joe that you see in the photo here. It’s probably a regional thing….(like Indian food).

  • I thought loosemeats originated in Iowa

  • “Looks like they only give you about 4 rings.”

    I went there on Tuesday and ordered the mac & joe and onion rings, and that’s exactly how many onion rings I got for 3.50. I don’t understand why people recommended them. The mac & cheese was good though… Next time, I’ll probably give their burger a shot.

  • Don’t even bother with the mac n cheese. I had this on Wed. and it was awful. It was just like brown goo!!

  • this place is over-rated, $6.00 milkshake they made smaller after week 1.. 4 undercooked onion rings for $3.50… $10 for a tiny burger … get real if you want to envoke a road side stand feeling bring your prices down and quality up

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